VIFF: Cameron Labine’s MOUNTAIN MEN with Chase Crawford & Tyler Labine Screens at VanCity Theatre This Weekend

wff mountain men marked

Director Cameron Labine & Chase Crawford at Whistler Film Festival World Premiere. Mountain Men - A sibling survival thriller with Tyler Labine and Gossip Girl’s Chace Crawford as estranged brothers? Saw it at its World Premiere at the Whistler Film Festival last December and it ranks among my favourite films of 2014. Writer/director Cameron Labine’s movie is about two brothers who trek to their remote Rocky Mountain family cabin to evict a squatter when a fire leaves them exposed to a harsh winter and forces them to get along in order to survive. Produced by Jason James, the movie shot in Revelstoke in April 2014. How did Gossip Girl/Blood & Oil’s’s Chace Crawford get involved in the project? Script came from [...]

SHOOT: THE FLASH’s Danielle Panabaker & Teddy Sears in Gastown

tf gastown4 e

Thank you for coming to meet my boys to bad my daughter missed you. #TheFlash #killerfrost #yvrshoots @dpanabaker — Ryan Sullivan (@lordvonpunx) August 27, 2015 Caitlin Snow and Earth 2.0 speedster Jay Garrick in a S.T.A.R. Labs van? How big will Team Flash get in season 2? Danielle Panabaker and Teddy Sears (in a leather jacket without his Jay Garrick helmut) filmed a long conversation in the van last night in Gastown over and over again. And yes, I saw the spoiler. That’s Danielle Panabaker dancing to get her energy up before the next long take in the van. Two speedsters – Barry Allen and Jay Garrick in season 2 poster. So lovley meeting you on set tonight! #theflash [...]

SHOOT: THE MAN IN THE HIGH CASTLE’s Blue-Screen San Francisco Circa 1962 Set on Vancouver’s NE False Creek

tmithc cp20.44 e-2

The Man in the High Castle has taken over the big parking lot near Concorde Pacific in Vancouver’s northeast False Creek today with blue-screen sets of Japanese-controlled San Francisco circa 1962 and a dozen or more period vehicles circling the lot. Based on Philip K. Dick’s award-winning novel, Amazon Prime’s 10-episode series imagines an alternate reality where the Japanese and Germans win World War II and divide the United States into three regions — the west coast as the Japanese Pacific States, the Rockies as a neutral zone and the east coast as the Greater Nazi Reich. Produced by Ridley Scott and Frank Spotnitz (The X-Files), the series stars Alexa Davalos as Juliana Crain, Rupert Evans as Frank Frink, Luke Kleintank as double agent Joe Blake [...]

SHOOT: ONCE UPON A TIME Films Dark Swan (Jennifer Morrison) & Son Henry (Jared Gilmore) at Swan House in Burnaby

ouat ds house2 e c

Once Upon a Time filmed several scenes outside the Dark Swan house in Burnaby today. Production paid for the young family who lives there to stay in a hotel for two nights. They had complained about fans knowing the address and about overzealous ones showing up in their yard for a closer look at Emma’s new house but that seems to have stopped. Today’s group was small and respectful, staying on the corner out of shot. I missed the morning scenes with Hook (Colin O’Donoghue), Regina (Lana Parrilla) and Belle (Emilie de Ravin) but arrived near the end to see Dark Swan (Jennifer Morrison) in a black leather jacket and her son Henry (Jared Gilmore) walk out of the house [...]

WWE: ARROW’s Stephen Amell Victorious at WWE Summer Slam Tonight


UP NEXT: @WWENeville teams with @amellywood to take on @StardustWWE and King @WadeBarrett! #SummerSlam #WWENetwork — WWE (@WWE) August 24, 2015 Arrow’s Stephen Amell walked into WWE Summer Slam dressed as his hooded hero. And in the ring he defied gravity as he and wrestler Neville defeated Stardust and King Barrett. Former Daily Show host Jon Stewart hosted the four-hour event, held at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center. BULLSEYE!! @Amellywood and @WWENeville victorious at @WWE #SummerSlam!! @CW_Arrow #WWEArrows @StardustWWE — WWE (@WWE) August 24, 2015   How about @amellywood defying gravity in his own way at the expense of King @WadeBarrett?! #SummerSlam @CW_Arrow — WWE SummerSlam (@SummerSlam) August 24, 2015 There’s no way @StardustWWE expected this out of @amellywood! #SummerSlam #BattleInBrooklyn — WWE Universe (@WWEUniverse) August [...]

PREMIERE: Filmed-in-Los-Angeles & Vancouver-As-Los-Angeles FEAR THE WALKING DEAD Debuts Tonight on AMC


Update: Fear the Walking Dead’s Los-Anegeles-shot 90-minute premiere set a cable TV record with 10.1 million viewers, including 6.3 million in the key 18-49 demographic. Fear begins here. Fear the Walking Dead shot its premiere in east L.A. and then five episodes in Vancouver-as-L.A. from May 10th to around June 19th after which it returned to L.A. to shoot exteriors. Showrunner Dave Erickson told Entertainment Weekly that it was important that Fear the Walking Dead feel like an Los Angeles show — “It’s the side of LA that we establish in the pilot, and it’s the place where our heroes live, and it was a dynamic sense and a vibrancy to what is for us mostly east Los Angeles, and it’s [...]

SHOOT: ONCE UPON A TIME Carnival Set in Steveston With Mix of Camelot Characters & Main Cast

ouat carnival e-2

Henry rode into the Storybrooke Carnival Friday night. Jared Gilmore is one of several cast on set in Steveston for the night shoot. Ginnifer Goodwin, Lana Parrilla, Josh Dallas, Colin O’Donoghue, and Camelot characters Liam Garrigan and Joana Metrass waved to the fans as they went into the beer garden. Henry (Jared Gilmore) on a horse. Henry has a girlfriend? Our little Henry is growing up! Photos are from 8/21/15 in Steveston. — Nikole Wyles (@NikoleWyles) August 22, 2015   Colin O’Donoghue thrilled the fans by trying his luck at a booth before filming on the set. Give that man a prize @yvrshoots @ABCOnce #OUAT #OnceUponATime #onceuponafan @colinodonoghue1 @colinod_crew — Becca Connelly (@beccause) August 22, 2015   Once upon [...]

SHOOT: ONCE UPON A TIME’s Princess Merida (Amy Manson) Shoots Arrow At Mr. Gold’s in Steveston

ouat m14 e-2

Princess Merida from Brave — with a spirit as fiery as her hair — is in Storybrooke and shooting an arrow at Mr. Gold’s. Once Upon a Time filmed Amy Manson in costume as Princess Merida with her bow and arrows at suppertime today in Steveston. Entering Mr. Gold’s. And then returning to her mark to do another take. Amy Manson has a laugh in Steveston. Merida? #OUAT @OnceABC @yvrshoots #OnceUponATime — Becca Connelly (@beccause) August 22, 2015 #OnceUponATime @yvrshoots — Jillian (@jillc1991) August 22, 2015   Related: Pincess Merida from Brave in Robert Burnaby Park    

SHOOT: ONCE UPON A TIME’s Camelot Couple Liam Garrigan & Joana Metrass Visit Steveston as Storybrooke

ouat cam0.2 e x2

Are Camelot’s King Arthur and Guinevere visiting Storybrooke? Once Upon a Time filmed scenes of the pair along with some of Storybrooe’s finest citizens in Steveston today by the carnival set. Liam Garrigan as King Arthur and Joana Metrass as Guinivere. Guinevere and the Boys. Cast hijinks. Lana Parrilla and Ginnifer Goodwin. From the Carnival side. Once upon a carnival #OUAT #OnceUponATime @yvrshoots @OnceABC — Becca Connelly (@beccause) August 22, 2015   Give that man a prize @yvrshoots @ABCOnce #OUAT #OnceUponATime #onceuponafan @colinodonoghue1 @colinod_crew — Becca Connelly (@beccause) August 22, 2015

SHOOT: ONCE UPON A TIME’s Ginnifer Goodwin, Lana Parrilla, Colin O’Donoghue, Sean Maguire, Emilie de Ravin & Joana Metrass

ouat gd0.1 e-2

Guinevere is in Storybrooke. Once Upon a Time filmed Guinevere (Joana Metrass) walking into Granny’s Diner this afternoon with Snow (Ginnifer Goodwin). Belle (Emilie de Ravin), Regina (Lana Parrilla), Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) and Robin Hood (Sean Maguire) linger outside. Rehearsal with Emilie de Ravin in flat shoes and Sean Maguire without his leather jacket.   Sean and Lana on set. Photos are from 8/21/15 in Steveston. @sean_m_maguire #OUATSeason5 #OutlawQueen — Nikole Wyles (@NikoleWyles) August 22, 2015 I love this photo of Lana and Emilie! ❤️❤️ (From 8/21/15 in Steveston) #EvilRegals #OUATSeason5 #beauties — Nikole Wyles (@NikoleWyles) August 22, 2015 Yesterday was a fun filming day cuz most of the cast was there except for emma and rumple. *story [...]

SHOOT: ONCE UPON A TIME’s Lana Parrilla, Colin O’Donoghue & Sean Maguire Perform For the Fans in Steveston

ouat aug21 e-2

Once Upon a Time cast Lana Parrilla, Colin O’Donoghue and Sean Maguire led a crowd of fans in Steveston in a WAVE this afternoon. OK, maybe not a WAVE. But definitely something fun. The trio took their act to the middle of Moncton Street. Lana, Sean, and Colin after doing the wave with fans. Video to come. (From 8/21/15 in Steveston) @sean_m_maguire — Nikole Wyles (@NikoleWyles) August 22, 2015   Sean Maguire arrives on set. Pretends to suddenly notice crowd of fans a dozen-deep across Moncton Street.   Sean on set. Photos are from 8/21/15 in Steveston. @sean_m_maguire #OUATSeason5 #hoodies — Nikole Wyles (@NikoleWyles) August 22, 2015