SHOOT: DEADPOOL Films Wade Wilson Double Entering Vancouver’s No. 5 Orange Strip Club

dp 5orange

Deadpool crew had a busy day of pickup work today with multiple locations, including Vancouver’s No. 5 Orange strip club and Pub 340 — a busy day with Wade Wilson/The Merc with a Mouth but not Ryan Reynolds. Instead Deadpool shot a hooded double entering both pubs. In he goes. And out he comes for another take. Some No. 5 Orange staff on a break in the Deadpool lights.  

SHOOT: FEAR THE WALKING DEAD Riot Stunt Rehearsal in Downtown Vancouver’s Oceanic Plaza


Fear the Walking Dead filmed scenes of a Los Angeles riot in downtown Vancouver last night, starting around 1:00 a.m. The six-episode companion series to The Walking Dead tells the story of the beginning of the zombie outbreak in another part of the United States. People don’t know what’s happening but there are “shootings, fires and riots breaking out across the country,” show runner Dave Erickson told TVLine. This is a stunt rehearsal of the mob crashing a scaffolding platform on a construction site in fictional Gabrielinos Plaza in Los Angeles. Uh-oh. View of set looking north. The hoist is there to knock down the scaffolding platform in a controlled crash. View of set looking south: construction site scaffolding from below [...]

SHOOT: THE LAYOVER’s Meg (Kate Upton) Freaks Out as Her Car Towed Away Near Victory Square


Gentle folk, #ThisBudsForYou. On set with the lovely Miss @KateUpton for #TheLayover. — William H. Macy (@WilliamHMacy) May 22, 2015 Kate Upton has some choice words for a tow truck driver this afternoon in a scene for road trip comedyThe Layover. Her character Meg has a hissy fit when her car is towed, to applause and a chorus of Bravo-s from people in the Bean Around the World cafe opposite the Vancouver Film School. Directed by William H. Macey,  The Layover is about lifelong BFFs Meg (Kate Upton) and Kate (Alexandra Daddario) awho duck out of their problems to go on vacation but are stuck in St. Louis on an extended layover where they end up fighting over the same [...]

SHOOT: William H. Macy Directs Kate Upton in THE LAYOVER in Downtown Vancouver


William H. Macy (in shorts) is directing Kate Upton today in upcoming road trip comedy The Layover, shooting in downtown Vancouver around Victory Square until mid-afternoon. The Layover: Kate Upton and [Alexandra Daddario] play lifelong BFFs who duck out of their problems to go on vacation but are stuck in St. Louis on an extended layover where they end up fighting over the same guy. Does that explain today’s scene in a fine jewellery store? Director William H. Macy (Shameless) expresses himself with his hands.      Wonder what they’re filming there.. @yvrshoots #yvrshoots #vancity — Diandra Durando (@diandrra) May 22, 2015 The Layover cast and crew announced their presence early on “in the house” at a Vancouver Canucks playoff game. Yes, [...]

BC PREMIERE: Proudly-Filmed-in-Beautiful-B.C. TOMORROWLAND with George Clooney, Britt Robertson & Hugh Laurie

tl filmed in bc

UPDATE: Tonight Disney celebrates all the people who helped make Tomorrowland in eight B.C. cities with a screening at Vancouver’s Scotiabank Theatre. The American enterainment giant also honours them with the Proudly Filmed in Beautiful B.C. posters we’ve seen around town. What if there was a place. A secret place. Where nothing was impossible. Where are our jetpacks? The Brad Bird-directed sci-fi saga tells the story of how the technological promise of the 1964 New York World”s Fair developed in an alternate world but not in our own. Young boy-genius inventor (Thomas Robinson) visits this enigmatic place at the fair and meets its leader (Hugh Laurie). Years later, an optimistic teen (Britt Robertson) persuades the now jaded former boy-genius inventor (George Clooney) to go [...]

TONIGHT: WAYWARD PINES’ Matt Dillon & Carla Gugino at Ballinger Toys Set in Agassiz

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Secret service agent Ethan Burke (Matt Dillon) continues to search for clues tonight about what is going on in Wayward Pines, calling on his former partner Kate (Carlo Gugino) in her and her husband’s Ballinger Toys — a constructed set in Agassiz. Related: Wayward Pines Films Matt Dillon at Ballinger Toys Set in Agassiz.

SHOOT: FEAR THE WALKING DEAD’s Fresher, More Human Zombies at Hospital Set in Surrey

ftwd 308

In The Walking Dead’s Los Angeles-set prequel Fear The Walking Dead the zombies are “fresher” and still look human which makes it much more difficult to stop them. At last night’s shoot at a Surrey School District building turned Sisters of Mercy Hospital, I saw my first walker of the new series– this bloodied Doctor who practiced lurching ahead of the big scene.  Fear The Walking Dead wonders what you would do if someone you love became one of these walkers? And you didn’t know what was wrong with them. How long would it take you to realize that this loved one was not alive anymore? Not a person anymore? “Everyone’s trying to deal with the fact that people they know [...]

SHOOT: DEADPOOL With Ryan Reynolds Back at Terminal City Ironworks Compound in East Vancouver

dp bloody rr

Calista King. World’s greatest #deadpool fan set visit. Came with a smile. Left with Deadpool’s sword. Not bad. — Ryan Reynolds (@VancityReynolds) May 15, 2015 Why is Ryan Reynolds so bloodied in this photo taken on set at the Terminal City Ironworks compound in east Vancouver? Deadpool’s origin is Wade Wilson, the Merc With a Mouth. This wise-cracking amoral gun-for-hire has cancer, so he  partakes in military experiments to cure himself by replicating Wolverine’s mutant ability to heal quickly. The experiment succeeds except Wilson ends up terribly scarred. So the non-stop quipster hides his ravaged face behind a red and black mask and breaks the fourth wall to talk to the audience. Officially halfway through production on #deadpool and I [...]

TEASER: FALLING SKIES The Final Battle With Noah Wyle Begins June 28th on TNT

fs fb1

For four years they fought, loved, sacrificed, survived. This summer the epic series comes to an end. Witness the final stand for mankind. “I don’t know who’s gonna cross the finish line but this war will be won” — Tom Mason (Noah Wyle). Tick Tick Boom. Who will live and who will die among the surviving group of insurgents called 2nd Mass — named after the 2nd Massachusetts of the American Revolution — who’ve fought against an occupying alien force for four seasons? Former Boston history prof Tom Mason (Noah Wyle), his eldest son Hal (Drew Roy) his beloved Anne (Moon Bloodgood) and frenemy Pope (Colin Cunningham) are featured in the latest final season teaser The End.  Firing Squad. Gun to [...]

SCRIPT: STAR TREK 3 Co-Writer Simon Pegg Says Studio Found Earlier Scripts “Too Star Trek-y”

Star Trek into darkness

Star Trek 3 co-screenwriter Simon Pegg plays Scotty on far right. Will Star Trek 3 be a more “fun, brightly coloured, Saturday night entertainment” like The Avengers but populated by Star Trek characters? Star Trek 3 begins filming in metro Vancouver late next month with a new script co-written by Simon Pegg and Doug Jung. A script that will be “more inclusive” than earlier scripts that were a  ”little too Star Trek-y”, Pegg told British magazine Radio Times. Reportedly, Paramount questioned why the supposedly niche Marvel’s The Avengers franchise made a billion dollars more in worldwide box office than the better-known Star Trek brand with its second rebooted installment,  Star Trek: Into Darkness. The studio likely feels vindicated about its concerns by [...]

START DATE: GIRLFRIENDS’ GUIDE TO DIVORCE Season Two with Lisa Edelstein Expected to Start Filming in Vancouver June 8th

gg2d sf

Divorce seemed to be off the table for Abby (Lisa Edelstein) and Jake (Paul Adelstein) in the season one finale of Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce. But what kind of series would that be? The Bravo dramedy is back in metro Vancouver next month to shoot a second season of thirteen episodes this summer. From showrunner Marti Noxon and based on books by Vicki Iovine, Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce is a contemporary and fun take on a woman tackling life after divorce with the help of her girlfriends. Best-selling self-help author Abby navigates her new life in Los Angeles as a single Mom in her early forties as her husband Paul hooks up with CW actress Becca.  Not surprisingly, Abby finds advice from her [...]