TV MOVIE: IN MY DREAMS With Katherine McPhee & Mike Vogel Airs Easter Sunday


In the TV Movie In My Dreams, Natalie and Nick are frustrated with their luck in romance. After tossing coins into a fountain, the two begin dreaming about each other but only have seven days to turn their romance into reality. That explains why Natalie (Katherine McPhee) didn’t notice Nick (Mike Vogel) when he walked by her in a scene filmed on Hornby Plaza in downtown Vancouver. Related: Katherine McPhee & Mike Vogel Film In My Dreams in Hornby Plaza And why I saw Nick (Mike Vogel) kissing another woman? in Gastown. Related: Mike Vogel films In My Dreams in Gastown. In My Dreams airs Easter Sunday, April 20th, after Once Upon a Time on ABC in the U.S.

TRAILER: Shorter GODZILLA Trailer Features Aaron Taylor-Johnson & Elizabeth Olsen


Shorter trailer Nature Has An Order features Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen. Plus more of the scenes filmed in Oceanic Plaza. Related: Elizabeth Olsen in Oceanic Plaza as BART station. Plus the scene filmed at the Vancouver Convention Centre. Related: Vancouver Convention Centre as Honolulu Airport. Godzilla attacks theatres on May 16, 2014.

START DATE: USA Network Series RUSH with Tom Ellis Expected to Start Filming May 21st

rush promo

The new USA Network series Rush about a freelance physician who’s a fixer for the wealthy and debauched of Los Angeles returns to Vancouver in May to shoot its first season, after filming its pilot here last December. Renegade Dr. William Rush (Tom Ellis, Once Upon a Time’s original Robin Hood) lives in a hotel suite (Rosewood Hotel Georgia in the pilot) and drives around town in a vintage Mercedes, making house calls for big wads of cash in turn for discretion about damaged pensises and beat-up girlfriends. The hard-partying doctor (screencap below from the preview which is not available in Canada yet) can’t get too judgemental about his sleazy clients but there is hope for this bad boy. A couple of [...]

TRAILER: IF I STAY with Chloë Grace Moretz, Jamie Blackley & Mireille Enos

if I stay 2

Adapted from the Gayle Forman novel, If I Stay is about 17-year-old musician Mia (Chloe Grace Moretz) who lies in a coma after a fatal car crash and must decide whether to stay or leave her life. Through flashbacks we see her primary relationships with her mother (Mireille Enos), boyfriend Adam (Jamie Blackley) and friends (Liana Liberato). Gayle Forman executive produced the adaption which filmed in and around Vancouver last autumn. Related: Mia (Chloe Grace Moretz) Kisses Adam (Jamie Blackley) in the Cobalt Hotel parking lot. If I Stay is expected to be in theatres on August 22nd this year.  

SHOOT: Rachel Nichols & Ryan Robbins Film CONTINUUM S3 at the Marine Building Downtown


Who is the mysterious John Doe (Ryan Robbins) in the final episodes of Continuum season three? And what is his connection to Vancouver-cop-from-the-future-and-freelancer Kiera Cameron (Rachel Nichols)? I have some ideas about who John Doe might be but no inside information. And as Continuum has proved over and over again, creator and showrunner Simon Barry loves to surprise the audience and his cast. Continuum wrapped filming of its third season last Friday but the last big downtown shoot was on Thursday at Oceanic Plaza and inside and outside the iconic Marine Building. The scene: Kiera Cameron and the mysterious John Doe enter the Marine building in serious character mode. And then Rachel Nichols and Ryan Robbins exit laughing. Impromptu dancing even broke [...]

PILOTS: American TV PILOT Season 2014 Wraps in Vancouver

flash-0.1_marked1 (2)

The frantic but fun American TV Pilot season in Vancouver is over for another year and now we wait until mid-May for the networks to unveil their primetime schedules to advertisers and the media at the New York Upfronts. How many of the pilots we saw filming in the Vancouver area before the Easter weekend will make it to series? [Update: Deadline Hollywood's Pilots 2014 More Early Buzz says mystery Sea of Fire is "getting buzz, with limited series order a possibility" at ABC and Flash "getting rave early reviews" which means it could be written into The CW schedule with "a permanent marker". iZombie "also continues to go strong" but Supernatural spinoff Bloodlines may not be as sure a thing as The Vampire Diaries spinoff The Originals [...]

SHOOT: David Tennant Films GRACEPOINT at the Police Station Set in Sidney


Broadchurch–inspired series Gracepoint stars David Tennant of timey-wimey Doctor Who fame, reprising his role as the lead detective investigating a boy’s murder in a small seaside town, a murder that becomes a national media feeding frenzy. This time the murder happens in the northern California coastal town of Gracepoint played by four hubs in the greater Victoria area: Oak Bay Village, home to the Gracepoint Journal and most of Gracepoint’s residences, pubs, restaurants and the Crestview Inn where the lead detective stays; Brentwood Bay with its harbour; Island View Beach for the crime scene and Harvey Ridge Lookout set; and Sidney, home to the police station and morgue set. FOX’s upcoming 10-part Fall series filmed several scenes inside the Gracepoint Police Station set last Friday and continues today, with dozens [...]

WEEK: April 7-13, 2014

aa series finale heli

Sunday, April 13th – Once Upon a Time 3×17 The Jolly Roger airs on ABC and CTV.  Ariel (JoAnna Garcia Swisher)  begs Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) to help her find Prince Eric; Regina (Lana Parrilla) teaches Emma (Jennifer Morrison) how to use magic. The Charmings (Josh Dallas & Ginnifer Goodwin) try to show Henry (Jared Gilmore) that they’re fun. Sunday, April 13th – Continuum 3×05 Minutes to Air airs on Showcase – Kiera (Rachel Nichols) and Carlos (Victor Webster) work to free Dillon (Brian Markinson) who is among the hostages taken prisoner by Liber8 at a television station (CBC Vancouver). A business alliance between Alec (Erik Knudsen) and Kellog (Stephen Lobo) turns sour. Sunday, April 13th – Untitled CBS pilot starring Jamie Lee Curtis [...]

SHOOT: CONTINUUM’s Roger Cross & Lexa Doig of Liber8 in Oceanic Plaza

cont op_marked

Continuum’s on-and-off-again Liber8 couple Travis (Roger Cross) and Sonya (Lexa Doig) sat together on a bench today outside the “Future Home of SadTech Corporation”. They looked serious and sober in contrast to the actors who must have been filming their last scene of season 3 together, judging from the hugs and claps as Continuum crew wrapped in Oceanic Plaza and rolled their equipment down to the Marine Building. A very serious Travis and Sonya in the scene. Continuum creator and showrunner Simon Barry wearing his Continuum “swag” on set at Oceanic Plaza. Continuum filming in Oceanic Plaza from above. Better shot of “Future Home of SadTech Corporation” sign.  

RETRO-SHOOT: Stephen Colbert Brings THE COLBERT REPORT to Vancouver in 2010

colbert 6_marked

CBS named Stephen Colbert as David Letterman’s successor on the Late Show today. It triggered memories of February 2010 when Colbert brought his show The Colbert Report to the ”2010 Quadrennial Cold Weather Athletic Competition/Defeat the World!”, as he dubbed the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games to get round the IOC licensing rules.

YOUR SHOOT: ONCE UPON A TIME in Burnaby’s Central Park with #CaptainSwan, The Charmings, Little Red & the Big Bosses


Report by Michelle Jung. Follow her on Twitter/@michellejung. And check out her Tumblr blog/YouWillGoFar. Had it not been for the lights, cameras and film crew, the average Central Park user in Burnaby might have thought they had been launched into their favourite fairy tale. Dressed in their Fairy Tale Land attire, much of the main cast – Jennifer Morrison, Colin O’Donoghue, Josh Dallas, Ginnifer Goodwin and some hooved friends – as well as a hardworking crew were on hand last Wednesday to film Once Upon a Time’s season three finale. With sightings of Meghan Ory (Little Red), Christie Laing (Maid Marian), and Snow White WANTED posters, onlookers were quick to speculate of a possible time travel or flashback to season one. More than [...]