BTS: FALLING SKIES Films Scarlett Byrne & “Monk” on Stilts in Surrey’s Tynehead Park

fs surrey2

Lexi (Scarlett Byrne) turned against the Espheni and joined her human family last week in the tenth episode of season four entitled Drawing Straws. Here is Falling Skies behind-the-scenes video of  Lexi talking to her Espheni father in the park. Screencap of filming Tynehead Park.   Screencaps of filming in Tynehead Park. Related: Falling Skies Films Scarlett Byrne & Overlord in Surrey’s Tynehead Park. Monk on stilts.

TRAILER: SEVENTH SON with Ben Barnes, Jeff Bridges and Julianne Moore


Adapted from Joseph Delaney’s The Wardstone Chronicles series, dark fantasy Seventh Son is about a Falcon Knight named Master Gregory (Jeff Bridges), who imprisoned an evil witch Mother Malkin (Julianne Moore) centuries ago. When she escapes, Gregory has until the next blood moon to train apprentice Tom Ward (Ben Barnes) — the seventh son of a seventh son — to fight her dark magic.  Ben Barnes & Jeff Bridges. Copyright Legendary Pictures Related: Seventh Son Films on Big Medieval Castle Set at Kent Hangar Field Seventh Son is in theatres on February 6th.  

TORONTO DEBUT: Twisted Bromance LAWRENCE & HOLLOMAN at Royal Cinema Tonight


Vancouver’s own feel-bad comedy Lawrence & Holloman takes Toronto tonight, with a premiere at The Royal Cinema on College Street followed by a Q&A with filmmakers & cast — plus an after-party. Adapted from a play by Morris Panych, Lawrence & Holloman is a darkly funny, sometimes insane buddy comedy about Lawrence (Ben Cotton), a boundlessly-optimistic lewd-and-crude department store suit salesman for whom everything goes right – until he meets Holloman (Daniel Arnold), a suicidal credit collector and malcontent. Suddenly everything goes wrong for Lawrence. Very wrong indeed. Daniel Arnold & Ben Cotton. Production Still from Lawrence & Holloman. Lawrence & Holloman the play is just the two actors on stage together, with each scene marking a new injury for [...]



Published August 28, 2014 on Vancouver is Awesome. Fake pregnancies. Transgender two-for-one pregnancies. Bloody thrillers. Romance in Hope? Mother-daughter con-women. Changing Chinatown. Discarded food experiment.  Three comedies, six dramas and four documentaries are featured in this year’s BC Spotlight program at the 33rd annual Vancouver International Film Festival. Start tweeting now about the best of B.C. to generate some buzz ahead of the festival which runs from September 25th to October 10th. THREE COMEDIES: Fake pregnancy comedy PREGGOLAND, double pregnancy romcom TWO 4 ONE and oddball comedy SONGS SHE WROTE ABOUT PEOPLE SHE KNOWS.  Preggoland - Jacob Tierney directs Preggoland but this fake pregnancy comedy belongs to Vancouver actor Sonja Bennett who wrote the screenplay and stars as 35-year-old Ruth, who pretends to [...]

SHOOT: Final Scene of ARROW’s 50th Episode with Stephen Amell & John Barrowman in Oceanic Plaza

amell & barrowman

Wrapped Episode 50 of #Arrow last night with a scene two years in the making. — Stephen Amell (@amellywood) August 22, 2014 Malcolm Merlyn (John Barrowman) is “The Magician” in Arrow’s 50th episode, according to showrunner Mark Guggenheim. So what are Merlyn and frenemy/nemesis Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) talking about in this final scene filmed overnight in downtown Vancouver’s Oceanic Plaza? How Merlyn/The Dark Archer came back from the dead in Arrow’s season one finale? Will Merlyn vanish in the crowd? John Barrowman and Stephen Amell in a black toque are shown their marks and rehearse their long talk. John Barrowman and Stephen Amell set chairs on Pender Street. Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen and John Barrowman as Malcolm Merlyn — “The Magician”. [...]

SHOOT: Grumpy Cat at GRUMPY CAT’S WORST CHRISTMAS EVER at Coquitlam Centre

Grumpy Cat at Coquitlam Centre

Adorable, furry Grumpy Cat met some of her young fans this weekend at Coquitlam Centre, on a break from filming her Lifetime movie Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever. My son got to meet @RealGrumpyCat today!!! — Ivan (@UkrainianCanuck) August 24, 2014 Related: Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever Films in Coquitlam Centre. Two years ago, Grumpy Cat was simply Tardar Sauce (real name), a cat with a permanent frown caused by feline dwarfism — until the brother of her owner, Tabby Bundesen, posted a photo on Reddit and a gazillion Internet memes, 5 million Facebook friends and 200,000 Twitter followers later, this cat is starring in her own Lifetime movie. Filming of Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever — with an [...]

VAN CON: Jensen Ackles Joins Twitter at Salute to SUPERNATURAL Convention

spn ja on twitter

What happened at the annual Salute to Supernatural convention in Vancouver this morning? Oh nothing much. Just Jensen Ackles joined Twitter and racked up a quarter of a million followers in a couple of hours. #JensenAcklesonTwitter Alright twitter…you win. #VanCon2014 #SPNFamily — Jensen Ackles (@JensenAckles) August 24, 2014  It’s official! I am hereby confirming that Jensen Ackles IS now on twitter. U R welcome @jensenackles #JensenAcklesOnTwitter — Jared Padalecki (@jarpad) August 24, 2014 There goes the neighborhood… RT @JensenAckles: Alright twitter…you win. #VanCon2014 #SPNFamily — Misha Collins (@mishacollins) August 24, 2014   .@jensenackles 2) only 140 characters per twit. 3) @jarpad‘s feed is all lies & 4) twitter won’t let u post pics with full-frontal nudity. — Misha [...]

IN THEATRES: IF I STAY with Chloe Grace Moretz & Jamie Blackley


If I Stay — in theatres now — is about 17-year-old musician Mia (Chloe Grace Moretz) who lies in a coma after a fatal car crash and must decide whether to stay or leave her life. Through flashbacks we see her primary relationships with her mother (Mireille Enos), friends (Liana Liberato) and boyfriend Adam (Jamie Blackley). Will she decide to live for love? Author Gayle Forman executive produced the adaption which filmed in and around Vancouver last autumn, including The Peak at Grouse Mountain. Thursday night’s late night screenings pulled in US$1.1 million in North America and the tearjerker topped the Friday night box office at US$6.8 million. If I Stay’s three-day weekend total is expected to be around US$16.5 million, according to Deadline: [...]


grumpy cat christmas

Photo by @wenkee. Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever filmed in Coquitlam Centre this week dressed for Christmas. Today is a Santa Claus scene with the permanently frowning feline but so far she hasn’t been spotted on set. Production assistants hand out Grumpy Cat buttons to the kids who’ve come to meet her. @yvrshoots I saw Santa in his winter wonderland. And the PA’s are giving away Grumpy Cat buttons to the kids. — J. Tyler Fortin (@TYinYVR) August 21, 2014 @yvrshoots @yvrshootstweets at Coquitlam mall they are filming grumpy cats Xmas film. — Ashley Frigstad (@ashleyfrigstad) August 20, 2014 Grumpy Cat’s Santa’s village at @coquitlamcentre mall for livetime TV’s Christmas movie. #yvrshoots #coquitlam — J. Tyler Fortin (@TYinYVR) [...]

CASTING CALL: THE REVENANT with Leonardo DiCaprio & Tom Hardy Looks for First Nations Boy


A-list feature The Revenant, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy, is looking for a First Nations boy to co-star in the movie. The Revenant is expected to start filming in Alberta late next month but the boy would need to be available for pre-production. Helmed by director Alejandro González Iñárritu and lensed by Oscar-winning Gravity cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki, The Revenant is about 19th century fur trapper Hugh Glass (DiCaprio) bent on revenge after being robbed and left for dead by two mercenaries after a bear attack. Iñárritu and Mark L. Smith adapted Michael Punke’s novel for the screen. The Revenant is expected to film in Alberta and B.C. from September 29th to March 26th next year (dates subject to change).

SHOOT: ONCE UPON A TIME at Pajo’s Fish & Chips and Tapenade Bistro on Steveston Docks

image_1 (9)

UPDATED: Once Upon a Time crew set up to film at two Steveston tourist attractions on the docks today: Pajo’s Fish & Chips (renamed Storybrooke Fish & Chips) and the Tapenade Bistro. CBC’s Richard  Zussman was on the scene to talk to the restaurant owners and to excited fans about the benefits of this hit American series filming  in our historic fishing village. There are fans from as far as Italy who have come to Steveston to watch filming today of OUAT. #cbc — Richard Zussman (@richardzussman) August 20, 2014 Fans on the docks weren’t disappointed as newlyweds RumBelle (Robert Carlyle and Emilie de Ravin) made an appearance, strolling arms round one another down the boardwalk towards them. Robert Carlyle and Emilie de [...]