TONIGHT: Filmed-in-Vancouver Zombie Herd on FEAR THE WALKING DEAD Season Finale

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Looks like the 2000-odd walkers locked inside the Los Angeles arena (Vancouver’s Pacific Coliseum) are getting out in the Fear the Walking Dead season one finale tonight and headed for the military compound (Vancouver’s former RCMP E Division headquarters) where Liza (Elizabeth Rodriguez) is nursing the “infected” and Nick (Frank Dillane) and the now-dead Griselda were taken. It’s the zombie herd we’ve been waiting for. Despite the sparseness of walkers in Fear The Walking Dead, the companion series has been a bigger hit in its first season than the original was, averaging 11.4 million viewers for its first five episodes versus 6.5 million for The Walking Dead’s first six episodes. And with a healthy 7.4 million in the coveted advertiser [...]

MIPCOM: Resurrection is a Bitch. New Female VAN HELSING Series to Film in Vancouver?

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Resurrection is a Bitch Image: Film Divider. MIPCOM hasn’t started yet but there’s already news. A female Van Helsing series billboard  is mounted outside the TV and digital content market in Cannes, France. The Van Helsing vigilante vampire hunter originated in Bram Stoker’s novel Dracula as Dutch doctor Abraham Van Helsing, but in this upcoming Dynamic TV series  the hunter will be a woman. More information should be made available either at MIPCOM which runs October 5th to 8th. Or later this month from Dynamic TV and the Fargo and Hell on Wheels producers. Where will the new series film? Talk is female Van Helsing will shoot in metro Vancouver, starting late this year or early next year in time [...]

VIFF INDUSTRY: Helen Shaver’s Favourite TV Episode She’s Ever Directed Is ORPHAN BLACK With Twerking

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BBC America image: Tatiana Maslany & Kristian Bruun. Helen Shaver could run #CloneClub for Orphan Black. Her favourite television episode of the many she’s directed in her career is Certain Agony of the Battlefield with the greatest Orphan Black scene ever — Alison and Donnie twerking on their bed with piles of cash. The script said twerking scene with Alison and Donnie and it was up to her to execute it — “how it was shot…that song we used…I was involved in every aspect of it.” Tatiana Maslany and Kristian Bruun are so funny, she says. And the Canadian-born Shaver absolutely loves the show. “Women are so much more multi-faceted than we appear on screen, ” she says. Even though the Orphan Black showrunners are both [...]

VIFF INDUSTRY: INTO THE FOREST Writer/Director Patricia Rozema Talks About the Art of The Arc This Afternoon

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How did writer/director Patricia Rozema adapt the Jean Hegland novel Into the Forest about two sisters in a post-apocalyptic  world into such  a compelling feature film. She has a history of finding a good story arc with other adapted properties like Mansfield Park and  original work like When Night is Falling about a life unravelling and I Hear The Mermaids Singing which had the tagline — Isn’t Life the Strangest Thing You’ve Ever Seen. Patricia Rozema returned to B.C. where she shot Into The Forest to screen it at the Vancouver International Film Festival and to talk this afternoon about The Art of the Arc at the VanCity Theatre from 3:15 to 4:30 p.m. Into the Forest is about two [...]

VIFF INDUSTRY: How DEAD RISING: WATCHTOWER’s Tim Carter & Zach Lipovsky Turned Video Game into Indiana Jones With Zombies

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Shall We Watch a Game? 1:45 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. today at VanCity Theatre. Writer/Producer Tim Carter and Director Zach Lipovsky turned a hit video game into “Indiana Jones with Zombies”, a Vancouver-shot feature Dead Rising: Watchtower that streamed on Sony’s Crackle this year  – with a sequel expected in the Spring of 2016. The action/horror flick is about a massive zombie outbreak after  a mandatory government vaccine from  FEZA (Federal Emergency Zombie Authority) fails to stop the infection from spreading.  Who’s left to kill zombies? Jesse Metcalfe (Dallas, Desperate Housewives) — who reportedly did all his own stunts — Meghan Ory (Intelligence, Once Upon a Time) and Dennis Haysbert (Backstrom, 24). Tim Carter and Zach Lipovsky will talk about turning video games into movies [...]

VIFF INDUSTRY: Executive Producer Warren Littlefield & Fargo Snowglobe Waited 15+ Years for FARGO TV Series

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Small town. Big crime. Dead cold. Warren Littlefield tried to develop the 1996 Cohen Brothers classic film Fargo into a TV series for more than 15 years. Back in 1997, when Littlefield was President of NBC, he greenlit a Fargo pilot and one of the pilot’s marketing tools was a snow globe with the iconic Marge Gunderson, a flipped-over car and a bloody body on snow inside. But Fargo on NBC didn’t work. It ended up a busted pilot because television wasn’t ready for it — NBC didn’t have Oscar winner Francis McDormand playing the role of Marge and couldn’t capture the brilliance of the film in the format of  a broadcast network series. Littlefield kept the snow globe in [...]

SHOOT: ONCE UPON A TIME’s Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) on Storybrooke Library Roof in Steveston

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Emma Swan. Emma Swan. A wired Colin O’Donoghue as Hook called her name for two hours tonight. In take after take after take. Where is this woman!!! — Miss Ford (@FordMiss) October 2, 2015 O’Donoghue changed it up for one take calling Bella Swan (Twilight) instead of Emma Swan for a laugh. Haha . I hope that’s in the bloopers. #Twilight crossover — Willow (@willow_rosa) October 2, 2015   @yvrshoots @11kdk @TVPopFizz So did Kristen Stewart save him? — CaptainSwan is Life (@CaptainAdriana) October 2, 2015 And then Hook (stunt double) falls. Despite the late start, Oncers have shown up in surprising numbers for the night shoot. Next up, an Emma Swan/Hook scene at Steveston’s Marine Garage. Happy [...]

SET: ONCE UPON A TIME’s Granny’s Diner in Camelot Forest Set in Burnaby’s Central Park

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Granny’s Diner starred in the opening credits of Once Upon a Time’s season five premiere. After Emma Swan (Jennifer Morrison) absorbed the Darkness in the season four finale, the new Dark One ends up in Camelot. But how to get there from Storybrooke? Team Emma — Regina, The Charmings, Hook, Robin Hood, Belle and Henry — trick the wicked witch Zelena into transporting Granny’s Diner Wizard-of-Oz style to the other realm. Which meant Once Upon a Time crew had to build a Granny’s Diner facade for scenes in the Camelot forest. It was set up in Burnaby’s Central Park [and Once Upon a Time filmed at it last night.) Screencaps from season 4 premiere. Granny’s Diner played by the Cannery [...]

STUDIO: SUPERNATURAL Pranks Newcomers LUCIFER & DC’s LEGENDS OF TOMORROW at Burnaby’s Canadian Motion Picture Park

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Update: Here’s the complete banner with the casts of Supernatural, Lucifer and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow at Canadian Motion Pictures Park. Welcoming some new faces to the studio lot up here in Vancouver. #TheCW_Legends #LuciferonFox …so many actors :-/ — Jensen Ackles (@JensenAckles) September 30, 2015 Supernatural pranked its new neighbours in Burnaby’s Canadian Motion Pictures Park today with a Welcome Freshman Class of Lucifer and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow banner. From your friends at Supernatural Season 11! That’s an image of Jensen Ackles hidden on the left and Jared Padalecki on the right. Supernatural season 11 with Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles premieres October 7th on The CW. Out of The Darkness and into the fire. The boys [...]

VIFF INDUSTRY: Discoverability Day – What’s the Use of Creating the Best Content If No One Sees It?

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Updated and Revised: VIFF Industry kicks off this afternoon with a panel on the new buzz word – “Discoverability” ”Creators will have to work harder than ever before to connect with viewers. After all, what’s the use in creating the best content in the world when no one can find it and enjoy it? Discoverability is paramount.” – CRTC chairman Jean-Pierre Blais. How do you find your target audience? Reach them? Engage them and hook them in a world where the most popular  platforms filter out your content in favour of their own determination of what people will be interested in, depending on their previous choices and browser history. Google (youtube) does it. Facebook does it. Amazon does it. Netflix [...]

TRAILER: Alejandro González Iñárritu ‘s THE REVENANT with Leonardo DiCaprio & Tom Hardy Filmed in Alberta, Alaska and BC’s Squamish Valley


Helmed by Oscar-winning Birdman director Alejandro González Iñárritu and lensed by Oscar-winning Gravity cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki, this A-list feature is the true story of a 19th century  fur trapper Hugh Glass (Leonardo DiCaprio) bent on revenge after being robbed and left for dead by two mercenaries (Tom Hardy and Domhnall Gleeson) following a bear attack. Production filed an application last year to film this bear attack in a small area of first growth timber on the Squamish River known as the “Derringer Forest’ with five trappers (Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hardy, Domhnall Gleeson plus two extras) and an “animatronic bear” expected on set. Other upper Squamish Valley filming included a daytime scene of group of trappers walking across the sandbar at Shovehouse Creek [...]