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A 1980s cowboy with HIV/AIDS sells an unauthorized cure to others in Dallas Buyers Club. Survivors of a failed global warming experiment which causes a new ice age in the future circle the globe on a train in Snowpiercer. How did Oscar-nominated Craig Borten, co-screenwriter of the Dallas Buyers Club, and Kelly Masterson, screenwriter of the summer’s best thriller Snowpiercer, adapt these stories from the source material — a Dallas newspaper bio of  real-life cowboy Ron Woodroof  and a cult Korean sci-fi film respectively? We’ll find out at a VIFF Industry panel on Thursday, October 2nd, moderated by Vancity Theatre programmer Tom Charity. Of course words are powerful but it sure helps if your cowboy-turned-AIDS-drug-pusher is played by Matthew McConaughey, who [...]

RE-SHOOTS: Ricky Gervais & Others Back for NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM – SECRET OF THE TOMB Reshoots


Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb, the third and final installment of the billion-dollar museum franchise, is back in Vancouver to shoot five more days of principal photography, starting yesterday. Largely filmed on a Burnaby sound stage with some location shooting in London and New York, Night at the Museum 3 features Sir Ben Kingsley as an Egyptian Pharaoh revived by a magic tablet, Dan Stevens (Downton Abbey) as Sir Lancelot and Rebel Wilson as a night guard in London’s British Museum. Returning for this final adventure: Ben Stiller as  Larry Daley, Ricky Gervais as his boss Dr. McPhee, Owen Wilson as Jedediah and the late Robin Williams as Teddy Roosevelt. Production must be haunted by the death of [...]

VIFF: SONGS SHE WROTE ABOUT PEOPLE SHE KNOWS Has Vancouver International Film Festival Debut

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Writer-director Kris Elgstrand, Cast Arabella Bushnell, Brad Dryborough and Aaron Nelken, and Producer/Director of Photography Amy Belling. Revenge Songs Left on Voice Mail. How does a movie about quiet office worker Carol (Arabella Bushnell) who calls people names and threatens to kill them in original songs not end up with Carol in jail? Somehow her torch-singer honesty triggers a release in the people she knows. Like her boss “Asshole Dave” (Brad Dyrborough), who leaves his job and pursues his abandoned dream of rock stardom with exhausting pent-up zeal. “If you hate [the film], put it in a song and we’ll have a great, enormous sharing experience,” Vancouver filmmaker Kris Elgstrand joked with the crowd at the RIO theatre screening on [...]

VIFF: World Premiere of Jason Bourque’s BLACK FLY at Vancouver International Film Festival

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Don’t leads Dakota Daulby and Matthew MacCaull look good clean and suited-up at Saturday night’s world premiere of director Jason Bourque’s bloody thriller Black Fly? No gore. No blood. Unlike their characters in this 100% BC film. Touted as Canada’s Winter Bone, Black Fly is about a troubled teen Jake Henson (Daulby), haunted by the death of his parents – the father seemingly in a hunting accident and mother by suicide. Jake escapes an abusive uncle in Pitt Meadows to reconnect with his older brother Noel (MacCaull), living with his girlfriend (Christie Burke) in the family farmhouse on isolated Denman Island on the BC coast. The drama unfolds as it becomes clear that Jake has gone from bad to worse, since Noel is a heavy drinker [...]



SHOOT: BACKSTROM’s Genevieve Angelson & Ben Hollingsworth at Vancouver Art Gallery

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Mid-season FOX series Backstrom closed the north square of the Vancouver Art Gallery yesterday to film Portland Serious Crimes Unit Detective Nicole Gravely (Genevieve Angelson) and District Attorney Steven Kines (Ben Hollingsworth) emerging from what will be a Portland courthouse in the rain. Gravely is second-in-command to self-destructive Everett Backstrom (The Office’s Rainn Wilson) at the Serious Crimes Unit and not only tasked with dealing with Backstrom’s boorish behaviour, she has to make sure his unorthodox methods hold up in court too. Related: Genevieve Angelson & Ben Hollingsworth Film on Central Vancouver Public Library’s Curtain Wall. Hart Hanson (Bones, Traders) developed this “crime-dy” from the Swedish book series by Leif G. W. Persson. Hanson will be one of three homegrown showrunners at VIFF Industry’s Genre [...]

SHOOT: iZOMBIE’s Rose McIver at Vancouver Film School as Seattle Police Station & Morgue


Mid-season CW series iZombie shot more scenes at the Vancouver Film School as its Seattle Morgue, Coroner’s office and Police Station last night of former medical resident-turned-zombie Olivia “Liv” Moore (Once Upon a Time’s Rose McIver). After Liv is turned, the now white-haired, white-faced 25-year-old struggles to find a way feed on BRAAAINS without killing people. She breaks her engagement to Major Lilywhite  (Robert Buckley) and takes a job at the Seattle Coroner’s office where she eats the BRAAAINS of murder victims, gains their memories and assists medical examiner Dr. Ravi Chakrabarti (Rahul Kohli) and Seattle homicide detective Clive Babineaux (Malcolm Goodwin) to solve their deaths. Showrunners Rob Thomas and Diane Ruggiero-Wright told Comic-Con their comic zombie-procedural will have an overarching storyline about Liv being key to the prevention [...]



One Marvel Girl Geek writer. Three Homegrown Showrunners. Panel moderated by one of the snarkiest TV reviewers ever, Tim Goodman, aka @BastardMachine. Equals VIFF Industry’s Can’t-Miss Panel on Saturday, October 4th at 2:45 p.m. Click here for tickets. GENRE MASHUP “Girl Geek” Nicole Perlman is the screenwriter whose draft for 2014′s biggest box office smash Guardians of the Galaxy convinced Marvel to greenlight the movie. Reportedly director James Gunn refuses to acknowledge her contribution, taking full credit for the script-to-screen process — especially the comedic elements — but the Writers Guild of America sees it differently, giving Perlman a co-writing credit. She is not invited back for the sequel, but her role in launching a new Marvel superhero movie franchise is an important first for female screenwriters. [...]

VIFF: Documentary JUST EAT IT: A FOOD WASTE STORY Wins #mustseeBC Award & Coveted Gala Screening


.@JustEatItFilm takes audience anticipation award #MustSeeBC Congratulations @Vancouverfilmer! — Vancouver Film Fest (@VIFFest) September 26, 2014 After two weeks of previewing and voting — with a total of 4.7 million social media impressions worldwide — the audience has spoken. Documentary Just Eat It: A Food Waste Story wins the coveted screening at the BC Spotlight Awards + Gala on October 4th.  Filmmakers Grant Baldwin and Jen Rustemeyer attempt to live only on discarded food for six months. It sounds a bit like Morgan Spurlock’s Supersize Me experiment of eating only at McDonald’s, except this will show not our obsession with fast food, but how much food we waste as a society — throwing away nearly half in the trash.  Official Website | Trailer. Regular screenings [...]

SHOOT: BACKSTROM’s Genevieve Angelson & Ben Hollingsworth on Vancouver Public Library Curtain Wall

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Upcoming Fox series Backstrom does some inventive camera work, like last Friday’s shoot on the upper walkway of the curtain wall at the central Vancouver Public Library. Where are the cameras? Across the atrium on the 7th floor of the library behind glass. The scene: Portland Serious Crimes Unit Detective Nicole Gravely (Genevieve Angelson) meets with District Attorney Steven Kines (Ben Hollingsworth). Gravely is second-in-command to self-destructive Everett Backstrom (The Office’s Rainn Wilson) and not only tasked with dealing with Backstrom’s boorish behaviour, she has to make sure his unorthodox methods hold up in court too. Hence the meeting. Related: Backstrom on the Beach in Red Long Johns at Barnet Marine Park in Burnaby. Based on the Swedish book series [...]