FINALE: Sitcom PACKAGE DEAL Season 2 Finale Tonight on City With Back to Back Episodes


Do older brothers Sheldon (Harland Williams) and Ryan (Jay Malone) finally succeed in breaking up baby brother Danny (Randal Edwards)’s romance with Kim (Julia Voth), aka the woman-who-came-between-them, on tonight’s Package Deal season two finale on City? Spoiler alert: I know what happens because I sat in the live studio audience in Burnaby for the breakup. But does it stick? Related: Live-Audience Taping of Package Deal Season 2 Finale Breakup in Burnaby. Standup comics Harland Williams and Jay Malone are the crazy cutups to Randal Edwards and Julia Voth’s more low-key performances as lawyer Danny and tea shop owner Kim but there’s been a believability about them as a couple from the start. Los Angeles-based creator and showrunner Andrew Orenstein [...]

SHOOT: USA Network Pilot EVIL MEN with Dallas Roberts Films at Vancouver Art Gallery


USA Network’s supernatural drama Evil Men is expected to wrap filming of its pilot in Vancouver today. What is it about? A powerful entity forces an everyday man Harry Killas (Walking Dead’s Dallas Roberts) to kill “evil men” or else his family and city will be destroyed. How far will he go to protect his family? And why does he spare his first target Lazlo Kirk (Clifton Collins Jr.)? Related: Evil Men Films Dallas Roberts & Clifton Collins Jr. at Greenscreen Building Rubble Set in False Creek. Evil Men has had several shoots downtown. One on its green screen building rubble set in False Creek with Harry Killas (Dallas Roberts) and Lazlo Kirk (Clifton Collins Jr.) and another on the north [...]

SHELVED: Sony Pictures Shelves THE INTERVIEW After North Korea-Ordered Cyber Attack & Threats to Theatre-Goers


UPDATE: The White House says the massive cyber attack on Sony Pictures that led the studio to cancel the Christmas Day film release of The Interview is being treated as a “national security matter”. Will we ever be able to see Vancouver-shot political spoof The Interview starring Seth Rogen and James Franco in an improbable plot to assassinate North Korean leader Kim Jon Un? Sony Pictures cancelled the movie’s Christmas theatrical release this afternoon after several chains, including Canada’s Cineplex, pulled the comedy from their schedules because of threats of possible terrorist attacks on theatre-goers by a hacker group linked to North Korea. US officials confirmed to CNN and the New York Times this afternoon that North Korea was “centrally involved” [...]

SHOOT: ARROW’s Night Shoot at West Vancouver’s Whytecliff Park

Arrow wp1

After shooting a series of flashback scenes in downtown Vancouver on Monday, Arrow spent today and tonight filming at West Vancouver’s Whytecliff Park — the go-to location for its craggy Island coastline scenes. Can you spot Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell)? I couldn’t from a ferry passing by, but the park is well lit for what is supposed to be a remote Chinese Penal colony. Or are these rocky shores playing something else? [That looks like a rescue boat moored in the cove -- mandatory when film crews working near open water.] Related: Arrow Films Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) & Maseo (Karl Yune) Downtown.  

SHOOT: USA Network Pilot EVIL MEN With Dallas Roberts & Clifton Collins Jr. Films at False Creek


USA Network’s supernatural drama Evil Men is expected to wrap filming of its pilot in Vancouver this week. What’s it about?  A powerful entity forces an everyday man Harry Killas (Walking Dead’s Dallas Roberts) to kill “evil men” or else his family and city will be destroyed. How far will he go to protect his family? And why does he spare his first target Lazlo Kirk (Clifton Collins Jr.)? Clifton Collins Jr. and Dallas Roberts in rain. But even if greenlit, will Evil Men cast want to come back after enduring day after day of Pacific storms slamming the west coast? Look at the rain at their collapsed building green screen set in east False Creek last Tuesday. Backgrounders play [...]

SHOOT: ARROW’s Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) & Maseo (Karl Yune) Film Downtown

arrow sa cu

All the Arrow scenes filmed in downtown Vancouver today appear to be flashbacks to a time before Ra’s al Ghul killed Oliver Queen with a sword and then pushed him over the cliff with his foot. It was a good run. — Stephen Amell (@amellywood) December 11, 2014 Afternoon shoot: Oliver Queen with his Hong Kong hair (Stephen Amell) gets into the black Audi with Maseo (Karl Yune) parked behind the black town car. Is this a Hong Kong flashback or something else? Fan photo. (Having trouble embedding Instagrams. Click on photo to go to his Instagram). Morning shoot: Who’s in the black town car parked outside the BC Hydro tower in downtown Vancouver this morning? Arrow is shooting a [...]

SHOOT: ONCE UPON A TIME Night Shoots With Colin O’Donoghue, Emilie de Ravin & Lana Parrilla in Steveston

OUAT D11 night2

Once Upon a Time looked a lot like Supernatural last night filming on a log-strewn beach in Steveston’s Garry Point Park.  The setup: a dark night with smoke machines, a cool car and a clandestine meeting between Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) and Belle (Emilie de Ravin) against the backdrop of fishing boats passing by. There is one other commonality between Once Upon a Time and a typical Supernatural shoot that is too spoilery to mention.     Crew then drove Cruella De Vil’s Pantherville to Moncton Street where they shot a scene of Regina (Lana Parrilla) walking by it into Granny’s Diner (could see Regina looking like runway model in black leather jacket, pencil skirt and stilettos but was too far away [...]



2 WEEK HOLIDAY HIATUS FROM FILMING IN VANCOUVER: The 100 – December 20 to January 5. Arrow – December 20 to January 5. Bates Motel – December 20 to January 5. Falling Skies – December 20 to January 5. The Flash – December 20 to January 5. iZombie – December 22 to January 5. Motive – December 17 to January 5. Once Upon a Time – December 20 to January 5. Supernatural – December 20 to January 6. When Calls the Heart – December 19 to January 5.  

SHOOT: ONCE UPON A TIME’s #CaptainSwan (Colin O’Donoghue & Jennifer Morrison) in Steveston

ouat dec11 21 marked

It’s raining in Steveston as Storybrooke — which isn’t as common as Entertainment Weekly suggests — for an afternoon scene of Emma (Jennifer Morrison) and Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) aka #CaptainSwan outside Granny’s Diner. [Emma roars up Main Street in her yellow VW bug, jumps out and has an earnest discussion with Hook. What is going on now?]. Jennifer Morrison after rehearsal. I see Emma’s yellow bug hard at work down Moncton Street #Steveston #OUAT — stevestonLife (@stevestonLife) December 11, 2014 @yvrshoots Mr.Gold is open for business. Emma’s and Cruela’s cars just drive by. In Steveston right now. — Renee Cooper (@__ZombieGirl__) December 11, 2014

SHOOT: THE FLASH Films Flash vs Reverse Flash Fight at BC Place For Mid-Season Finale

the flash-19_marked

The Flash versus Reverse Flash fight at BC Place on Wednesday, October 8th. Who is the Man in the Yellow Suit? Tonight’s episode suggests it is Dr. Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh) but how? Fight rehearsal starts with stunt mats. And then moved on to bare concrete. Extra large clapperboard for the technocrane. Grant Gustin joined his stunt double on set around 11 p.m. for his part in the stunt fight. That’s Gustin with his hood off standing next to Robbie Amell as Firestorm. Caitlin’s fiancé Ronnie Raymond, aka Firestorm, breaks up the fight with fireball blasts and then shoots up into the sky. BC Place lights strobed during the night shoot and the following night when the action moved inside to the [...]

PREMIERE: WAYWARD PINES With Matt Dillon to Debut May 14th on FOX


A Strange Town.  A Mysterious Mission. Between What You See And Hear Lies a Terrifying Truth. You Can Never Escape. Secret service agent  Ethan Burke(Matt Dillon) comes to a fictional Idaho town (played by Agassiz’s Pioneer Avenue set) to investigate the disappearance of two federal agents but an accident puts him in hospital (played by Coquitlam’s Riverview Hospital) bloodied and disoriented with no identification or cell phone. One missing agent is Burke’s former secret service partner Kate Hewson (Carla Gugino) — who almost broke up his marriage — but she turns up alive and well at a Wayward Pines picnic. What is going on? Apparently there’s a good reason why an entire town is acting “weird and off centre” and [...]