SHOOT: FRINGE Family Picnic in Stanley Park for S5 Premiere

All you POlivia fans, be warned. It doesn’t get more adorable than this: Peter, Olivia and their daughter, little Etta, enjoying a family picnic on a sunny afternoon in the park.

Until this idyllic day is ruined by the sudden appearance of Observers.

Peter calls out Etta’s name and runs to scoop her up from harm.

As Olivia watches in horror.

It wouldn’t be Fringe without shapeshifters, dopplegangers or Observers, would it?

Here are Joshua Jackson as Peter and Anna Torv as Olivia in between takes in Stanley Park. It’s so great to see Observers relaxing in the background in the shade after their job of scaring everyone in the park is done.

16 Responses to SHOOT: FRINGE Family Picnic in Stanley Park for S5 Premiere

  1. Dahne says:

    The aawww factor is out of control – well until the Observers. Thanks for sharing these adorable pictures,

  2. Elliot says:

    You know you’re completely a Fringey when you see Observers scaring our little family and think A**holes!!

    And yes, the awww is out of sight. More, please.

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  6. Carl says:

    YES!!!! Thank you so much for these. I know you are very respectful of the show and don’t want to spoil but as this is the last season can i implore you to continue taking photos of the set. You wouldn’t necessarily have to post them then and there if you don’t want to spoil, just hang on to them for the future 😀

  7. ChristaS69 says:

    Love these, thank you so so much!! It’s nice to see some beautiful family moments since we all know that this is going to be a hard time for the family. #TheyAreComing!!

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  9. Ed says:

    Wow! cool photos! Can’t wait for season 5, and your posts!

  10. Jime says:

    I can’t even express in words my feelings right now hahahaha. Thanks for this beauuutiful photos! Can’t wait for this season!!

  11. Pam says:

    Are those wedding rings???

  12. claudinei says:


  13. dana says:

    Fringie A petition comes to open on fringe movie sur twitter For this morning.

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