ARROW Kicks Glass (and Ass) at CBC Vancouver for Ep. 1×03

Upcoming TV series Arrow kicked glass — literally — at CBC Vancouver late Friday night. A Green Arrow stunt double burst through a “candy glass” window on the east wall feet first to the sounds of prop gunfire. Crew had spent the day setting up for this and we were hopeful that star Stephen Amell, who quietly boasts of doing roughly 75% of his own stunts, would perform this one. But not when there’s glass involved. Even stunt glass. Filming lasted overnight so Amell could have got plenty of action inside, which we couldn’t see, facing off against arch-villain Deadshot played by Michael Rowe, who tweeted he was on set. It’s a good bet that it was Deadshot who fired a prop rifle out of the open window on the left earlier in the evening. We’ll have to wait to see the third episode to find out, but clearly this show has not let up on the kick-assedness of its pilot.

Arrow premieres Wednesday, October 10th, on The CW in the U.S. and CTVtwo in Canada.

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  4. Sara says:

    Nice Ass Simon!

  5. […] Wednesday, October 24th – Arrow‘s third episode features a crime scene at the ceiling lap pool on the Keefer Hotel’s penthouse in Chinatown and an Arrow vs Deadshot showdown at CBC Vancouver. […]

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