SHOOT: ONCE UPON A TIME’s Emma Swan (Jennifer Morrison) & Neal (Michael Raymond-James) on Third Beach in Stanley Park

Updated May 5, 2013 – Emma and Neal/Baelfire were checking whether devious Tamara (Sonequa Martin Green) was out running as she claimed instead of holding Regina captive, as Emma suspected. I didn’t notice that I’d photographed her in a lycra hoodie below.

This is Michael Raymond-James’s “big scene on a rainy beach” with Jennifer Morrison yesterday on Third Beach in Stanley Park. Sorry Swanfire fans. This doesn’t look particular romantic  It seems Emma Swan  and her baby daddy Baelfire have some issues to work out.

Once Upon a Time spent Friday shooting scenes on the forest trails above Third Beach with horses on set but took time out to film the beach scene around “magic hour”. At least what passes for the last hour of sunlight on a rainy day. The scene took less than half-an-hour to shoot with production assistants stopping joggers and walkers at both ends of the seawall during filming.

Update: Didn’t realize that I’d photographed Tamara (Sonequa Martin Green)  jogging in her hoodie below.

After wrap, only the hashtag #OUAT drawn in the sand (photographed by Michael Raymond-James) remained as evidence of Once Upon a Time’s presence on the beach.

As the sun set on English Bay.

Once Upon a Time airs at 8 p.m. on ABC in the U.S. and 7 p.m. on CTV in Canada.

9 Responses to SHOOT: ONCE UPON A TIME’s Emma Swan (Jennifer Morrison) & Neal (Michael Raymond-James) on Third Beach in Stanley Park

  1. rita says:

    Sorry but…Why should it be romantic if the show is not over yet? of course Emma Swan and her baby daddy Baelfire have some issues to work out. As SwanThief I think it pretty normal ….

  2. Rose says:

    of course it’s not romantic. It’s not true love!

  3. Kelly says:

    I love the slow build of swanthief. Of course it’s not romantic so much history and angst before they get there but i’m rooting for them. great pics.

  4. CTR says:

    I love this…its great that we are getting more Emma/Bae scenes!!! The scene will be angsty Im sure…also This makes me remmember the episode tallahassee..when Emma says ” is it near a beach”

  5. Valerie says:

    I wonder if this happens before or after he dumps Tamara. This man is a coward just like his father. If Emma decides to take him back it would be the worst character assassination ever.

  6. Heck says:

    So over this Neal guy…

  7. ej says:

    Who says it’s not true love? I agree that Neal needs to grow a pair, but then Emma’s no perfect hero with all of her running away and kidnapping Henry and even Snow is not snow white. David was kind of a jerk in the beginning, when impersonating his brother, and didn’t stand up to his “father” to be with Snow until after she drank that potion, and he was also all for executing Regina back in FTL. These characters are not supposed to be perfect, because no one is, and true love (or any love) is a constant battle against both outside threats and the fears and insecurities within our own hearts.

    I believe the show is about the journey of getting to a better self and place. The residents of Storybrooke all have to work through their “dark sides” that the curse brought out directly or indirectly; Rumple has to deal with his Dark One choice, Regina losing Daniel and killing her father, Hook his grief over Milah, David worries he could be like his brother, Snow is burdened unfairly by her mother’s dying wish for her to be perfect and her betrayl of Regina (now twice), Emma and Neal have abandonment issues which have caused them both to choose fear over love at times. And Henry just needs a seriously long time out for his disrespect of authority. All of these characters are in some form of arrested development. Here’s to hoping it doesn’t take too long for them to “grow up”. Wouldn’t it be interesting if they have to go to Neverland to finally break through those walls of self-denial?

  8. Tessa says:

    UGH Neal is such a waste of time as a character so far – what a bore. Emma’s an adult now she doesn’t need to backtrack into an immature relationship just because the smuck is henry’s father.
    Explore the latent feelings and then move on.
    On a side note the beach is gorgeous!

  9. Daciana says:

    They look to be fighting in these photos, which I’m fine with. Neal is a interesting character but I hate how Emma wants him back, she shouldn’t feel obligated to start a relationship with him just because he’s Henry’s father. A mother’s world revolves around her child but sometimes a mother needs to be selfish and do something for her own happiness. Emma needs to open her eyes and realize that there are better people for her than the guy who left her in jail, and pregnant (granted he didn’t know). If she takes him back, I WILL quit watching.

    On a shipper note, why can’t Mad Swan happen? Jefferson is just like Emma, has a bad past and is raising a child on his own. Their children seem to be each other’s only friends as well, if Emma is willing to go back to Neal for Henry, she could make peace with the man who kidnapped her, (If he was that hot, I know I would ;P)

    With RumBelle, there’s a Fic over on that paired Lacey with Hook, and I would love to see that dynamic, Rumple would have all the more reason to be mad at Hook, and I think it would add a great subplot to the show.

    That beach is stunning though.

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