SHOOT: Amanda Tapping Directs CONTINUUM in Arch Alley Downtown – Part 2

It’s Amanda Tapping week: Guest star on Wednesday night’s season finale of CW hit Supernatural and Thursday night’s season finale of Vancouver whydunit hit Motive. And directing the current episode of Vancouver-cop-from-the-future series hit Continuum.

Are there zombies in this episode? Here is Amanda Tapping directing Victor Webster as Detective Carlos Fonnegra  yesterday looking at corpse in the trunk of a car parked in the gravel lot off Arch Alley. Or as Webster tweeted: “I’m examining a decomposing corpse covered in maggots in an alley full of garbage and grafitti. What did you do today?” The makeup actually seems more  like The Walking Dead than Continuum. [Update: But this is no anonymous corpse. Is that Kiera’s frenemy CSIS agent Gardiner (Nicholas Lea) under that makeup?]

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The corpse in the trunk gets a touchup.

Continuum will air a repeat this Sunday because of the Victoria Day long weekend in Canada.

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  1. hayley quinn says:

    Amanda Tapping is totally the best person ever. shes so sweet and kind to everyone and not to mention beautiful in all ways. always photo ready. great pics 🙂

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