SHOOT: GODZILLA’s Golden Gate Bridge Set with Inflatable GreenScreens

For locals, Godzilla‘s Golden Gate Bridge set is Rise of the Planet of the Apes redux on the vast Kent Hangar gravel field at the Vancouver/Burnaby border. Rust-red street lights and railings. Giant greenscreens. Motorists and buses trapped on the bridge. Soldiers. Cop cars. Only this time the showdown is between the military/police and Godzilla not empowered apes. Plus the giant greenscreens are inflatable, something we haven’t seen before.

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Schoolkid extras looked out the windows of Oakland, Alameda and Freemont school district buses as tanks with soldiers rolled by yesterday. Any number of cast could have been on set in the rain. Lead Aaron Taylor-Johnson (KickAss) is often in military uniform, so it’s especially difficult to pick him out in scenes.

Deflated greenscreens ahead of filming.

Inflated for filming.

Rain tower in the rain. Boom mikes wrapped in green plastic.

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