SHOOT: Jensen Ackles & Jared Padalecki Film SUPERNATURAL S9 in New Westminster

Supernatural looked a lot like a Godzilla shoot yesterday — with soldier backgrounders, army jeeps and the same bus we saw in downtown New Westminster dressed as San Francisco but without the mega- Godzilla damage to it. Supernatural spent the morning filming scenes at the Justice Institute of British Columbia in New Westminster turned into the Special Forces Naval Base in Coronado, California. And then moved next door to the Canada Games Pool parking lot for the crime scene with fake FBI agents Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Sam (Jared Padalecki) Winchester investigating what happened aboard that San Diego County bus and looking fine doing it.

Jensen Ackles gave fans a wave after their first scene aboard the bus as he and Jared Padalecki headed back to their trailers to wait for the next one. It was late afternoon before the Impala made an appearance so that the Winchesters could be filmed getting out of it and walking to and from the bus in take after take. It was hard to see that scene because of the technocrane, crew and equipment but the next setup cleared all that away and gave fans a clear view of their heroes. Only this time spectators were asked not to take photographs. So we only got to see not capture the prank on the very last take of the day when Jared Padalecki stepped up on the rear bumper of the bus and attached himself to it like Spider-Man on the back and then popped his head up to the window to photobomb the shot. Below: New father Jensen Ackles, of baby girl Justice Jay, rolls up his sleeves after finishing the first big scene on the bus.


Below: News that Jared Padalecki and his wife Genevieve (Ruby) are expecting a second child broke Sunday.


Below: Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki rehearse their first scene and chat with episode director Guy Norman Bee.



Below: Giant-size clipboard from Supernatural Shake video (6.6 million views on youtube)



Technocrane on a track.



Below: Episode director and Supernatural Shake  director Guy Bee came over to greet some fans, who had been watching the filming from afternoon to early evening. He said yesterday was a wrap on his episode.




Below: Justice Institute of British Columbia becomes Special Forces Naval Base in Coronado, California.


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14 Responses to SHOOT: Jensen Ackles & Jared Padalecki Film SUPERNATURAL S9 in New Westminster

  1. Jensenfan says:

    Thank you so much. Do you have any idea which episode this will be

  2. katie straka says:

    Awesome pics but you need to fix the link , it says supernatural season 8 not season 9. I wanted to share the link but it comes up as season 8 not 9:( I know it’s just a typo but it might be affecting how many shares you get.

  3. Aya says:

    ugh. can’t wait for season 9.

  4. kadia kone says:

    Ilike very much the series american ,my first supernatural.

  5. tina says:

    how do fans know so quickly where they’re filming

    • yvrshoots says:

      They don’t know most days but the Justice Institute of BC tweeted a few weeks ago that Supernatural would be filming there. And if anything’s online fans will find it. Plus some young fans live in the Massey Heights neighbourhood. They told friends who told other friends.

      And today Supernatural is filming on campus at the University of British Columbia and something similar happened. Fans like to know where Supernatural is but often don’t see much even if the set is found. Monday was an exception and today there was one outside scene. But most of the time Supernatural films undisturbed in private locations.

  6. UBooboo says:

    They are filming right this moment at UBC

  7. This is so cool to get to see shots and great pictures of scene of a eps they are making love this and all the guys on supernature and work for supernatural y’all are doing a great job can’t wait till season 9 start

  8. mohammad says:

    Jensen Ackles it,s very very beautiful

  9. I was watching this episode and saw “San Diego” on the bus as they walked past it. I quickly paused the recording and started looking at everything more carefully to see what might have been filmed here. Turns out, nothing was filmed here. LOL! The Naval bases on Coronado Island look way different than the ones in the show and San Diego’s public buses are red and white, not green and white. It was still fun to think the Winchesters were here.

  10. yvrshoots says:

    Yes, not much like the real naval bases. My regret is that I didn’t know Abaddon (Alaina Huffman)was on that bus.

  11. Amanda says:

    Anyone know what location they were filming at during the big fight scene in S09 E02 – Devil May Care? It looked like an abandoned town. In a few shots I spotted train tracks. Thanks!

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