SHOOT: ONCE UPON A TIME IN WONDERLAND’S Knave of Hearts in Storybrooke, aka Steveston

What is Once Upon a Time in Wonderland’s Knave of Hearts doing in Storybrooke? Speculation is that’s where he is when he hears that Alice needs to be rescued from an insane asylum. Is the White Rabbit (voiced by John Lithgow) there with him? Once Upon a Time in Wonderland crew filmed a couple of scenes on Steveston’s Moncton Street turned into Storybrooke last night of  Emma (stunt double) in her yellow VW bug swerving to avoid the Knave of Hearts (stunt double) as he walked down the street and into Granny’s Diner.


Seeing Double: Michael Socha and stunt double.


Michael Socha and stunt double.




Emma stunt double in yellow VW bug outside Storybrooke Public Library.IF

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