SHOOT: CW Pilot THE FLASH’s Grant Gustin in Simulated Car Wreck & SPFX Explosion Near Dunsmuir Viaduct

flash 4

Barry Allen (Gleek charming Grant Gustin) was such a smash hit on his two-episode arc on Arrow that The CW scrapped plans to film a back-door third-episode pilot on Arrow in favour of a full-sized stand-alone The Flash pilot directed by David Nutter. How full-sized? Huge. Here is Central City assistant police forensics investigator Allen ( Gustin) crawling out of an overturned burntout car this morning to confront someone. Allen becomes super fast, aka the Flash, after a freak explosion at STAR labs. The CW said it wants to start The Flash “with a bang” like Arrow did and so it did with a gigantic two-car SPFX explosion this afternoon. Or as one spectator put it, “Kaboom”.

flash 13_marked

flash 10_marked



flash 1_marked

Looking back at the other car exploding.

IMG_4682 (2)_marked

Stumbling and recovering on one take.

flash 9_marked

And here’s Chris Bouquet’s video of the SPFX explosion after another car collides with Barry Allen’s car.

Follow Chris on Twitter: @Biskit_VAN. And on youtube: Chris Bouquet.

CW pilot Flash is expected to film in Vancouver from March 2nd to 25th.

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