SET: ONCE UPON A TIME’s Granny’s Diner in Camelot Forest Set in Burnaby’s Central Park

ouat gd

Granny’s Diner starred in the opening credits of Once Upon a Time’s season five premiere. After Emma Swan (Jennifer Morrison) absorbed the Darkness in the season four finale, the new Dark One ends up in Camelot. But how to get there from Storybrooke? Team Emma — Regina, The Charmings, Hook, Robin Hood, Belle and Henry — trick the wicked witch Zelena into transporting Granny’s Diner Wizard-of-Oz style to the other realm. Which meant Once Upon a Time crew had to build a Granny’s Diner facade for scenes in the Camelot forest. It was set up in Burnaby’s Central Park [and Once Upon a Time filmed at it last night.)

Screencaps from season 4 premiere.

Granny’s Diner played by the Cannery Cafe in Steveston.

ouat gd4

ouat gd8

Granny’s Diner in Camelot.

ouat gd9

Here’s a photo of the Granny’s Diner facade in Burnaby’s Central Park.


Once Upon a Time’s original Granny’s Diner in Storybrooke is the Cannery Cafe in Steveston and interiors are filmed on a big Granny’s Diner set in studio.

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