RESHOOTS: DEADPOOL’s Ryan Reynolds Does Stunt at Produce Market in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside

deadpool rs130 e2

Ryan Reynolds arrived on set last night looking like a prize fighter, with directer Tim Miller behind him. Deadpool the movie is back in metro Vancouver for additional photography for a little more than a week — from October 30th until November 8th. Vancouver’s own Reynolds stars as the Merc With a Mouth.

Reynolds met Baby Deadpool before getting into character as a badass.


Stunt doubles had set up the scene of a man in a black suit running past a produce market in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. Suddenly Deadpool blasts out of an open doorway and smacks him into a car. The Deadpool stunt double and Ryan Reynolds each did a few takes of the stunt without katanas (which will be CGIed in) for safety reasons.

deadpool rs135 e

Ryan Reynolds with his katanas on talks with director Tim Miller.

deadpool-rs108-e-2 e

About the next scene on the pavement with an artfully bloodied actor.

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deadpool rs101 e

Deadpool must do something shocking to him because the woman in the background will drop her basket.

deadpool rs104 e c

 deadpool rs189 e-2

Production code name: WHAM.

deadpool rs115 e

Deadpool is filming in the same area today.

Deadpool notice DTES e c

How Deadpool spent Halloween:

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