SHOOT: THE 100 Films Clarke & Jasper (Eliza Taylor & Devon Bostick) in Downtown Vancouver

the 100 burrard58
A stone-faced Clarke (Eliza Taylor) walks through a city of smiling people, including Jasper. What is going on? Is she in The 100’s equivalent of the Matrix?
the 100 burrard100-2
Jasper (Devon Bostick) is almost stupidly giddy, eating his ice-cream cone.
the 100 burrard11
the 100 burrard59
Devon Bostick had fun playing happy.

Jumping up and down and dancing.

the 100 burrard52Jasper passes Clarke, who follows him up the street. the 100 burrard70 Clarke runs into Jasper sitting on a bench. Sandra Olsson’s video.

Filming the sequence.

the 100 burrard81-2

the 100 burrard84-2

Jason Rothenberg. Director Dean Winter.

the 100 burrard89-2

the 100 burrard92-2

Off camera. Devon Bostick and Eliza Taylor relax on bench between setups.

the 100 burrard80-2

Devon Bostick and Shawn Mendes in a photo from season 3 premiere.

Henry Ian Cusick on set.

the 100 burrard90-2

the 100 burrard91-2


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