SHOOT: FIFTY SHADES FREED at Gated Whistler Estate as Christian Grey’s Aspen House

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I thought it would be easier to avoid the press in Aspen than at home. — Christian Grey/Fifty Shades Freed.

After an attempted kidnapping of his wife Ana (Dakota Johnson), Seattle billionaire Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan) flies her and their family/friends — Elliot Grey (Luke Grimes), Kate Kavanagh (Eloise Mumford), Mia Grey (Rita Ora) and one other — to Aspen for the weekend. In the book, the other is Kate Kavanagh’s brother but in the film it could be Ana’s friend Jose Rodriguez (Victor Rasuk).

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Fifty Shades is using a private gated Whistler estate on four acres as Christian Grey’s Aspen house.

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You can see the ski runs in Eloise Mumford and Rita Ora’s photos.

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You can see the ski runs of Blackcomb and Whistler mountains in this view.

 Blackcomb/Whistler view.

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My homies, my pals, my sweetest friends. #thecrew #FiftyShades – @eloise.mumford

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Once back at the house, Kate decides we deserve cocktails after our shopping extravaganza and whips up some strawberry daiquiris for us. We curl up on the sitting room couches in front of the blazing log fire. – Ana Grey.

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“.. You’re wet… Let me run you a bath.” – Christian Grey to his wife Ana.

“Shit, the water!” I struggle to sit up, all postorgasmic and dazed.

Christian doesn’t release me.

“Christian, the bath!” I gaze down at him from my prone position across his chest.

He laughs. “Relax – it’s a wet room.”

We sit at opposite ends of the bath, which is very full – so full that whenever we move, water laps over the side and splashes to the floor.

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Cast night out at Whistler with trilogy author E.L. James.

In the bar… @ritaora @victorrasuk #LukeGrimes

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After a night out, where Elliot Grey proposes to Kate Kavanagh at dinner, and dancing at an Aspen club, Christian puts drunk Ana to bed.

“Close your eyes. When I come back to bed, I’ll expect you to be asleep.” It’s a threat, a command… it’s Christian.

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They wake up the next morning and have sex — of course ….it’s Fifty Shades.


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Tomorrow we go back to reality- back to work, the paparazzi, and to Jack in custody but with the possibility that he has an accomplice. Hmm… — Ana Grey.

Correction: Fifty Shades production returns to Vancouver tomorrow, with a shoot at the Bar None in Yaletown not the Opus Hotel.

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Is this the Aspen nightclub where Ana slaps a blond giant who mauls her on the dance floor?

Suddenly, there are two hands on my hips. I grin. Christian has joined me. I wiggle and his hands move to my behind and squeeze, then back to my hips.

I open my eyes. And Mia is gaping at me in horror. Shit. Am I that bad? I reach down to hold Christian’s hands. They’re hairy. Fuck! They’re not his. I whirl around and towering over me is a blond giant with more teeth than is natural and a leering smile to showcase them.

Ana slaps him.







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