NEW MOVIE: Jason Reitman’s TULLY with Charlize Theron & Mackenzie Davis Films in Vancouver This Fall

Charlize Theron. Mad Max: Fury Road image.

tully charlize theron e

Mackenzie Davis. Halt and Catch Fire image.

tully halt and catch fire e

From the Juno team — writer Diablo Cody and directer Jason Reitman — Tully is about a young night nanny who is gifted to Marlo, a mother of three, by Marlo’s older brother. The two women bond in this comedy.

juno image e

Vancouver’s own Bron Studios is producing. Tully is expected to film in Vancouver and New York City.

Tully starts filming September 21st in metro Vancouver and wraps November 2nd (date subject to change), according to the DGBC Production List.


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