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Longtime mainstream media (MSM) journalist and author Susan Gittins began writing about and photographing Vancouver’s many film and TV location shoots in the summer of 2010 after the Winter Olympics put the city and its beauty on the world stage. Movies and TV series often showcase the Vancouver area in similar fashion. Vancouver is Awesome commissioned her YVRShoots series in the fall of 2010 and it ran regularly for three years. She launched her own daily YVRShoots blog in the spring of 2012.
Posts by Susan Gittins:

CHARITY: REEL THANKSGIVING CHALLENGE Has Raised $100,000 So Far for Vancouver Food Bank

REEL Thanksgiving Challenge Remember Supernatural’s Pie Day? When Misha Collins got pie-ed and Jensen Ackles pie-ed crew in an Action Ackles video. Related: Supernatural Pie Day Tops REEL Thanksgiving Challenge 2018. Pie Day was one of the reasons Supernatural cast, crew and fans raised the most money — $47,804 — for the Vancouver Food Bank in [...]

NEW MOVIE: Netflix’s LOVE, GUARANTEED With Rachael Leigh Cook & Damon Wayans Jr. To Film in Vancouver

Love, Guaranteed. A new Netflix romcom – – Love, Guaranteed — is filming in Vancouver this Fall with  Rachael Leigh Cook and Damon Wayans Jr. as the leads. Filming dates: October 21st to November 19th. To save her small law firm, Susan (Rachael Leigh Cook) begrudgingly takes a high-paying, high-profile case from Nick (Damon Wayans [...]

SEASON 2: Jordan Peele’s THE TWILIGHT ZONE Starts Filming New Season in Vancouver

The Twilight Zone Season 2. Who’ll be in season 2 of Jordan Peele’s The Twilight Zone? The new season starts filming in Vancouver. Working title: Bonzo. Filming dates: October 6th to March 16th, 2020. Related: Season 2 of The Twilight Zone Filming in Vancouver this Fall/Winter. In its first season, the reboot attracted big names [...]

FINAL SEASON: SUPERNATURAL’s Swayze’s Bar Set For Wild Night Out With Jensen Ackles & Christian Kane

Supernatural Final Season. Updated: Angel alum Christian Kane is in Supernatural’s final season playing an old friend of Dean Winchester’s — former hunter Leo Webb. And “the two have a wild night out”. Dean ends up fronting a bar band called the Impalas (made up of real-life Supernatural crew members boom operator Chris Glyn-Jones, lead [...]

HULU SERIES:The Spirits of Vengeance are Coming. MARVEL’S HELSTROM Starts Filming in Vancouver

Marvel’s Helstrom. The Spirits of Vengeance are coming. Marvel’s Helstrom series for Hulu starts filming in Vancouver today. Working title: Omens. Filming dates; October 4th – February 28th. Daimon and Ana Helstrom are the son and daughter of a mysterious and powerful serial killer. The siblings have a complicated dynamic as they track down the [...]

SEASON 6: Meet The New Harrison Wells Played By Tom Cavanagh in THE FLASH Trailer

The Flash Season 6 Oh great another angry one! — Cisco. Revised. Meet the new Harrison Wells. Tom Cavanagh’s latest iteration. Does this Wells become Pariah  who has a big role to play in the upcoming crossover Crisis on Infinite Earths. Pariah is the scientist who unleashes the Anti-Monitor onto the multiverse. Pariah is part of [...]

CROSSOVER: Harbinger (Audrey Marie Anderson) Gives The Flash a Message on CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS Premiere

DC Crossover: Crisis on Infinite Earths Audrey Marie Anderson. Audrey Marie Anderson who plays Diggle’s wife Lyla on Arrow is suiting up as Harbinger for the big DC crossover Crisis on Infinite Earths. Who is Harbinger? The Monitor raised this Lyla to work with him to prevent the upcoming Crisis. Last night at the Supergirl set [...]

CROSSOVER: What We Know About CRISIS ON INFINiTE EARTHS? Two Supermans. Is there a Third?

DC Crossover: Crisis on Infinite Earths Marc Guggenheim image. Twitter. Everything is as it should be. The stage is set. Worlds will live. Worlds will die. And the universe will never be the same. Upcoming DC crossover Crisis on Infinite Earths will be the biggest and most complicated crossover yet — with superheroes from Arrow, [...]

FINAL SEASON: Plane Crash in ARROW’s Purgatory with Roy Harper (Colton Haynes) on Set

Arrow Final Season. A plane crash in Arrow’s season 8 episode Purgatory. Will this explain how Roy Harper ended up on Lian Yu? I saw Colton Haynes leaving set yesterday. Entertainment Weekly later revealed Colton Haynes is recurring through Arrow’s final season. Here we go 🤗🤗🤗RT @EW: Colton Haynes is returning to Arrow for the [...]


DC Crossover: Crisis on Infinite Earths Are Smallville’s Clark & Lois (Tom Welling & Erica Durance) and Supergirl’s Clark & Lois (Tyler Hoechlin & Elizabeth Tulloch) sharing Kent Farm for the big DC crossover Crisis on Infinite Earths? Related: Smallville’s Clark & Lois and Supergirl’s Clark & Lois Both Have Claims to the Kent Farm. [...]

SEASON 2: Netflix Sequel THE HAUNTING OF BLY MANOR Starts Filming in Vancouver This Week

The Haunting of Bly Manor The Haunting of Bly Manor — a sequel to Netflix’s hit horror series The Haunting of Hill House — starts filming in Vancouver this week. Filming dates: September 30th to February 21st, 2020. Cast: Victoria Pedretti, Rahul Kohli, Henry Thomas, Catherine Parker, T’Nia Miller, Amelia Eve, Amelie Smith, Benjamin Ainsworth. New to the sequel: [...]