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Longtime mainstream media (MSM) journalist and author Susan Gittins began writing about and photographing Vancouver’s many film and TV location shoots in the summer of 2010 after the Winter Olympics put the city and its beauty on the world stage. Movies and TV series often showcase the Vancouver area in similar fashion. Vancouver is Awesome commissioned her YVRShoots series in the fall of 2010 and it ran regularly for three years. She launched her own daily YVRShoots blog in the spring of 2012.
Posts by Susan Gittins:

SEASON 2: Jordan Peele’s THE TWILIGHT ZONE Starts Filming New Season October 6th in Vancouver

The Twilight Zone Season 2. Who’ll be in season 2 of Jordan Peele’s The Twilight Zone? The new season starts filming in early October. Filming dates: October 6th to March 16th, 2020. Related: Season 2 of The Twilight Zone Filming in Vancouver this Fall/Winter. In its first season, the reboot attracted big names like Kumail Nanjiani, Tracy [...]

SEASON 6: THE FLASH’s Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) Sees Mom in Teaser

The Flash Season 6. I saw billions of possible futures. Billions of possible deaths. I can’t stop what’s coming. — Barry Allen. Jay Garrick’s plugged-in helmut allows Barry Allen to see billions of possible futures and he can’t stop what’s coming: the Crisis on Infinite Earths and  his disappearance. Barry’s dead mother Nora Allen (Michelle [...]

NEW SERIES: Alexander Skarsgard is Big Bad Randall Flagg in Stephen King’s THE STAND Filming in Vancouver

The Stand. Alexander Skarsgard will be the Big Bad — Randall Flagg aka the Devil — in the latest adaption of Stephen King’s The Stand, filming in Vancouver this Fall/Winter. Filming of the CBS All-Access series starts next week in Vancouver. Filming dates: September 16th to March 11th. Working Title: Radio Nowhere. In a world decimated [...]

SEASON 4: Town of Riverdale is Searching for Jughead in RIVERDALE Trailer

Season 4 We have to burn all of our clothes, including Jughead’s beanie. We’ll wash off the blood in the swimming hole. After tonight, we never speak of this ever. Not to each other. Not to our parents. No one. We finish our senior year, we graduate, and we go our separate ways. That is [...]

BIG MOVIE: Will Disney’s Live-Action Adaption of SNOW WHITE Film in Vancouver?

Snow White. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. An animated classic from 1937. Heigh-ho. Heigh-ho. It’s off to Vancouver we go? Snow White is one of Disney’s next live-action remakes, following up on the massive success of its live-action fairy tale adaption of Beauty & the Beast, Aladdin and The Lion King. Snow White is [...]

NEW SERIES: Hulu’s MARVEL’S HELSTROM Filming in Vancouver This Fall/Winter

Marvel’s Helstrom. The Spirits of Vengeance are coming. Marvel’s Helstrom series for Hulu is filming in Vancouver this Fall/Winter; Working title: Omens. Filming dates; October 7th – February 28th. Daimon and Ana Helstrom are the son and daughter of a mysterious and powerful serial killer. The siblings have a complicated dynamic as they track down [...]

NEW SERIES: Whoopi Goldberg is Mother Abagail on Stephen King’s THE STAND Filming in Vancouver

The Stand. Updated with Alexander Skarsgard casting. Whoopi Goldberg is confirmed for the new 10-episode adaption of Stephen King’s The Stand from CBS All Access. Goldberg and King announced it on ABC’s The View. Filming starts next week in Vancouver. Filming dates: September 16th to March 11th. Working Title: Radio Nowhere. In a world decimated by [...]

FINAL SEASON: ARROW Premiere A Love Letter To Pilot With Stephen Amell, Colin Donnell, Susanna Thompson

Arrow Final Season. Stephen Amell. Colin Donnell. Oliver Queen? Tommy Merlyn?  The Queen Manor? The CW released some official photos from Arrow’s season 8 premiere titled Starling City. A blast from the past in the present? Does Oliver Queen’s mission with the Monitor involve time travel or visits to alternate Earths? Mom?  Susanna Thompson & [...]

EVENT: Apple TV+’s SEE Series With Jason Momoa To Stream November 1st.

SEE Season One. Only way forward is together. Apple CEO Tim Cook introduced the upcoming SEE series at the Apple Event this morning. In the far future, a virus has decimated humankind. Those who survived emerged blind. Jason Momoa stars as Baba Voss, the father of twins born centuries later with the mythic ability to [...]


Springdale Cup Softball Tournament. Update: Team Sabrina won the Archieverse/Arrowverse softball tournament. We won – Ross Lynch. Sabrina’s Baxter High Ravens. It is my understanding that the Baxter High Ravens won the Archieverse/Arrowverse softball tournament today — congrats, Ravens! And to everyone who participated! ⚾️🏆🔥🕷🥇💎🧛🏻‍♂️💃🏻 — RobertoAguirreSacasa (@WriterRAS) September 9, 2019 View this post [...]

TV MOVIE: Lifetime’s THE COLLEGE ADMISSIONS SCANDAL Movie has Trailer & Air Date

The College Admissions Scandal. Well that was fast. Lifetime’s The College Admissions Scandal movie has its first trailer and an air date. With the working title Operation Varsity Blues, Lifetime shot a movie about the college admissions bribery scandal last month in Vancouver with Penelope Ann Miller and Mia Kirshner cast as fictionalized wealthy Moms [...]