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LEO AWARDS: Night One With Hosts Kalyn Miles & Enid-Ray Adams

How crazy did it get with Celebration Awards Hosts Kalyn Miles and Enid-Raye Adams last night? Delightfully wacky. I first encountered the two funny women in a Fairmont Hotel Vancouver ladies room changing into their gowns for their opening shtick.  I did not expect them to be carried onto the stage by two, tall, strapping, suited-up actors [...]

THANKYOU: FOX’s ALMOST HUMAN Thanks for All the Memories & Android Dreams Video

FOX uploaded this thankyou video for fans, cast and crew on Tuesday, May 20th, three weeks after the news leaked that the American network had cancelled Almost Human. My favourite scene is still the one from the pilot when John Kennex (Karl Urban) pushes a tattle tale MX out of the car and into traffic on [...]

CANCELLED: ALMOST HUMAN Not Picked Up for Second Season

J. H. Wyman’s Almost Human had a slim shot at renewal on FOX up until very recently when executives saw footage from three strong new pilots (led by Gotham) all vying for limited slots on the Fall schedule.  Networks find it so much easier to sell something shiny and new than repair the damage caused [...]

LEO AWARDS: Leo-palooza of Nominations for Vancouver’s Own CONTINUUM & MOTIVE

Our own Leo Awards, celebrating the best of BC-made television and film, is shaping up to be quite the homegrown affair. The second season of Vancouver-cop-from-the-future series Continuum earned 21 nominations in television while the first season of Vancouver-whydunit-crime-drama Motive picked up 12 nominations. Sadly, our other big local but set in Yellowknife series Arctic [...]


Almost Human’s “white tulip” tribute to Fringe in last night’s episode Unbound left me verklempt. Almost Human crew set up and filmed a young woman buying white tulips at this Floradrop flower stall last December 17th outside the popular Meat & Bread at Oceanic Plaza downtown. How did I not notice the tulips when I walked by? It had been almost [...]


FOX at the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour on January 13, 2014. FOX entertainment chairman Kevin Reilly laid waste to the traditional pilot season on Monday, telling the TCA winter press tour that his network would scrap the old model of pilots filmed in March, series announced in May, launched in September and then cancelled [...]

SHOOT: ALMOST HUMAN’s Karl Urban, Michael Ealy & Guest Star Crystal Lowe at Portal Park Downtown for 1×07

Almost Human filmed scenes for tonight’s 1×07 Simon Says in downtown Vancouver’s Portal Park last November. Part-robot police detective John Kennex (Karl Urban) and his part-human android partner Dorian (Michael Ealy) investigate a psychopathic killer named Simon who straps bombs to his victim’s necks and airs their deaths over the Internet. The pair try to help this Mid-City florist [...]

SHOOT: ALMOST HUMAN’s Karl Urban & Michael Ealy Film 1×07 at Portal Park Downtown

Almost Human cast and crew relaxed today after a boffo American debut following FOX football last night. The Blade Runner-esque bromance earned a 9.1 million audience and a 3.1 in the important 18-49 demographic. Tonight the 2048 Los Angeles part-robot cop John Kennex (Karl Urban) and his part-human robot partner Dorian (Michael Ealy) investigate a sex-bot case [...]

SHOOT: ALMOST HUMAN’s Michael Ealy & Michael Irby Film in a Downtown Deluge for 1×07 Simon Says

Almost Human experienced the Vancouver rainocalypse at full force on Friday night, with rain bouncing off the pavement at the Hornby Plaza shoot downtown. Poor crew. Rain gear only goes so far in a deluge. Crew erected a scrim above the 2048 squad car to film scenes of detective Paul (Michael Irby}, android Dorian (Michael Ealy) and “synthetics” from above, [...]

YOUR SHOOT: ALMOST HUMAN Explodes Trailer Near the Great Northern Way Campus for 1×07

J.J. Abrams and J.H.Wyman’s upcoming sci-fi series Almost Human blew up a trailer in a controlled explosion yesterday near the Great Northern Way campus [for episode 1×07 Simon Says]. Police investigate a suspicious trailer. One of them triggers an explosive device and the trailer explodes, according to the film notice. Pawel Maryniak captured it below in [...]


Almost Human takes place in the not too distant future in 2048 when Los Angeles is ruled by crime syndicates and police outnumbered to the point they are paired with android police partners for protection. John Kennex (Star Trek’s Karl Urban) is sidelined by injury and returns to duty with a robotic leg but remains stubbornly [...]