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COMIC-CON: BATES MOTEL With Showrunners Carlton Cuse & Kerry Ehrin & Cast Vera Farmiga, Freddie Highmore, Olivia Cooke, Nestor Carbonell & Kenny Johnson

bm at comiccon

Found my deputy in San Diego! You have a lot to answer for Shelby! @Mike_Vogel #batesmotel @insidebates — Nestor Carbonell (@CarbonellNestor) July 25, 2014 Nestor Carbonell was everywhere at San Diego Comic-Con but the biggest news from the Bates Motel panel? Kenny Johnson (Norma’s brother & Dylan’s father) is back as a series regular in season three and joined showrunners Carlton Cuse and Kerry Ehrin and cast Vera Farmiga (Norma Bates), Freddie Highmore (Norman Bates), Olivia Cooke (Emma) and Nestor Carbonell (Sheriff Alex Romero) on the panel plus Kenny Johnson (Caleb) as a surprise guest. The #BatesMotel has landed at the @Playboy @AETV #SDCC party! — Bates Motel on A&E (@InsideBates) July 26, 2014 And, as reported earlier, Transformers star Nicola Peltz [...]

CAST: Transformers Star Nicola Peltz Returns To BATES MOTEL For Season 3

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Bradley (Nicola Peltz), who faked her own suicide after killing her father’s murderer, left White Pine Bay by bus last season on Bates Motel. It made a nice dramatic exit for the actress, who had been cast in summer box office smash Transformers: Age of Extinction. Now there is confirmation from her TV mother Lini Evans that Nicola Peltz will return for season 3, expected to start filming this October at its Aldergrove motel and gothic house set and other locations around Vancouver. Won’t Norman (Freddie Highmore) be pleased? Related: Nicola Peltz Filming Bates Motel in Horseshoe Bay.      


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Filmed-in-Vancouver series will be well represented at annual geek fest San Diego Comic Con with Arrow‘s Stephen Amell hosting Warner Brothers Television and DC Entertainment’s big Saturday night event and up to twelve high-profile panels and screenings announced so far. Wednesday, July 23: 6 p.m. — Warner Brothers TV kicks off  its annual Preview Night with screenings of Vancouver-shot pilots The Flash — about young Central City forensic scientist Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) who becomes the fastest man alive after a freak particle accelerator accident — and iZombie – about 25-year-old medical resident-turned-zombie Olivia “Liv” Moore (Once Upon a Time’s Rose McIver) who works in the  Seattle Coroner’s Office for access to BRAAAINS and helps a detective (Malcolm Goodwin) solve murders using the memories from those BRAAAAINS. *14th Most [...]

YOUNG BC FILM: Richard Harmon, Jaren Brandt Bartlett, Genevieve Buechner, Paloma Kwiatkowski, Kat de Lieva, Dylan Playfair, Keenan Tracey, Brett Dier & Backward Fall

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Young BC Film actors and filmmakers are finding work and kicking ass, judging from the recent crop of Leo Awards nominees and winners. For once Richard Harmon didn’t win a Leo at the 16th annual Leo Awards but this 22-year-old is everywhere, playing future “terrorist” Julian/Theseus on Continuum, revenge-killer Murphy on The 100 and starring as the blind runner in the Harmon family-produced Best Motion Picture nominee If I Had Wings. He also took time out to play a parent-killer in motion picture Cruel & Unusual and has past stints as rich, sleazy boyfriends on Bates Motel and The Killing. Sensing a pattern? This nice guy excels at playing creepy psychos. Here he is on stage at the Leo Awards Gala [...]

TRAILER: BATES MOTEL Season 2 Requiem Trailer

bates motel mom & son

A sunnier Bates Motel? The new trailer Requiem shows off Vancouver’s endless summer of 2013 plus a few blood spatters just to prove it’s still the creepy coming-of-age story of a serial killer (Freddie Highmore) and his Mom (Vera Farmiga). Bates Motel season two premieres March 3rd on A&E.  

TRAILER: What’s Coming in Season 2 of BATES MOTEL?

bmo trailer

A sunnier Bates Motel? But still as twisted and funny. Bates Motel started filming of its second season last July during one of the best and most endless summers Vancouver has ever experienced. Great for crews but not what producers had in mind. They prefer the dark, wet X-Files creepiness our city is famous for, so filming of the third season might be postponed until October. Related: Norma (Vera Farmiga) & Norman Bates (Freddie Highmore) at the Horseshoe Bay Motel. Related: Dylan (Max Thieriot) & his uncle Caleb (Kenny Johnson) talk on the docks at Horseshoe Bay. Bates Motel re-opens for business Monday, March 3rd, on A&E.

SHOOT: BATES MOTEL Films Norma (Vera Farmiga) & Norman Bates (Freddie Highmore) at the Horseshoe Bay Motel for 2×04

bmo hb33_marked

Update: Norma’s brother Caleb (Kenny Johnson) is staying at The King’s Motel played by the Horseshoe Bay Motel in West Vancouver. First Norma (Vera Farmiga) and then Norman (Freddie Highmore) go there to confront him about sexually abusing Norma as a child. How many motels are there in White Pine Bay? And what is the owner of the Bates Motel doing at a rival one? Last September Norma Bates (Vera Farmiga) backed out her Mercedes in a hurry from White Pine Bay’s The King’s Motel played by West Vancouver’s  Horseshoe Bay Motel and drove off. Norma sits in the car staring up at her brother’s motel room. Behind the scenes footage of the crew at work in the motel parking lot is part of the season two trailer. Backing [...]

PROMO: BATES MOTEL Season 2 Teaser

Bates Motel

Bates Motel will re-open March 3rd,  2014 on A&E. Local photos of 12-room motel and gothic house set in Aldergrove looking spooky. And fogged in.

SHOOT: BATES MOTEL Films Classic Norma Bates Hissy Fit in Steveston for 2×09


UPDATE: Norma (Vera Farmiga)’s hysterical freakout was totally justified this time. Nick Ford had her Norman (Freddie Highmore) locked in a box until Dylan (Max Thieriot) would agree to kill Shane (Michael Eklund). Bates Motel is expected to wrap its second season of filming this week and yesterday’s shoot at Steveston’s Britannia Heritage Shipyard Park had the classic Norma Bates hissy fit. The now Hitchockian blonde (Vera Farmiga) ran down the walkway to a locked door and loudly demanded to see her eldest son Dylan (Max Thieriot) in what amounted to one of her trademark hysterical freakouts. Last season’s Emmy nominee Farmiga did it over and over again, at least a dozen times with at least four different camera setups, in heavy wind. It’s [...]

YOUR SHOOT: BATES MOTEL Wraps at its Aldergrove Set for Season 2

Bates Motel 3.1

Photos by Scott White/@NightStormDraco. Bates Motel wrapped for the season at its iconic Aldergrove 12-room motel and gothic house set last week. Scott White captured some wonderful images of the final Wednesday night shoot with Norma Bates (Vera Farmiga) and her green Mercedes and Emma (Olivia Cooke) and her orange VW bug on set at the motel office. Bates Motel still has some on location filming to do for season two, including a shoot on the Stevenson docks. Thirty seconds after the final wrap, the Bates Motel sign was turned off — until next season. Follow Scott White on Twitter. @NightStormDraco  

SHOOT: BATES MOTEL Films Remo (Ian Tracey) at Steveston’s Britannia Heritage Shipyard Park


Bates Motel regularly films at Steveston’s Britannia Heritage Shipyard Park. Today the fog is so dense that I couldn’t see who was on set but a month ago I spotted Remo Wallace (Ian Tracey) on the dock. Is White Pine Bay’s drug business operating out of a Steveston shipyard building? Remember Remo? He’s the 23-year-veteran who ended up working for newbie Dylan (Max Thieriot) in the weed fields last season. We met Remo and Dylan’s immediate boss Gil (Vincent Gale)  but not the big boss behind the business. Season two introduces Zane Carpenter (Michael Eklund) as a new upper level player but who’s at the top? Last season Remo memorably engaged in a drunken brawl with Dylan in Mike’s Bar as [...]