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NEW MOVIE: Is Jamie Dornan of FIFTY SHADES Fame Returning to Vancouver to Film THE SAVIORS?

The Saviors Jamie Dornan, A Private War image. Is Jamie Dornan returning to Vancouver this Spring? Vancouver was a second home when he filmed the blockbuster Fifty Shades franchise here in the winter of 2013-14 and in the winter, spring and summer of 2016 with co-star Dakota Johnson. Jamie Dornan filming Fifty Shades Freed in [...]

THE END: FIFTY SHADES FREED Concludes the Christian Grey & Ana Steele (Jamie Dornan & Dakota Johnson) Trilogy

Seattle billionaire Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan) and Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) get married in the final chapter of the Fifty Shades triology — Fifty Shades Freed. The “Climax” — as advertised — took the Fifty Shades movie franchise past $1 billion total last weekend. The wedding was partly filmed at Riverway Golf Club in south [...]

TRAILER: FIFTY SHADES FREED With Jamie Dornan & Dakota Johnson as Mr. & Mrs. Grey

The final chapter begins this Valentine’s Day. Watch the trailer, and book tickets now: — Fifty Shades Freed (@FiftyShades) November 6, 2017 Seattle billionaire Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan) and Ana Steele (Dakota Johnson) get married in the final chapter of the Fifty Shades triology. You may kiss the bride,” Reverend Walsh announces. — [...]

TEASER: FIFTY SHADES DARKER Teaser of Official Trailer Tomorrow with Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan) & Ana Steele (Dakota Johnson)

Tomorrow, slip into something a shade darker. #FiftyShadesDarker — Fifty Shades Darker (@FiftyShades) September 12, 2016 Slip into Something a Shade Darker. Seattle-billionaire-with-singular-tastes Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan) and the-girl-who-said-No Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) are back in Fifty Shades Darker which filmed in metro Vancouver earlier this year. A teaser for tomorrow’s official trailer showcases [...]

NICE ATTACK: FIFTY SHADES FREED With Jamie Dornan & Dakota Johnson Continues Filming Around Nice

Fifty Shades Freed filmed Christian and Ana Grey (Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson) honeymoon scenes this week on the French Riviera, one of the few productions brave enough to film in France after the Paris attacks last November. Unfortunately, the Riviera locations are just 40 minutes out of Nice, where a terrorist drove a truck [...]

CREW: FIFTY SHADES Author & Producer E. L. James/Erika Leonard Showcases BC Film Crew to World

Updated: July 4th. Fifty Shades has wrapped in Vancouver. Director James Foley and Erika Leonard (E. L. James). And that’s a wrap in Vancouver. Thank you to the most fantastic crew and production team. You are all amazing. And to this man @foleyfilm. Well done! A photo posted by E L James (@erikaljames) on Jul [...]

SHOOT: FIFTY SHADES FREED’s Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan) Picks Up His Wife Ana (Dakota Johnson) at Work. Filmed in Vancouver’s Gastown.

Fifty Shades Redux. Fifty Shades Freed filmed a scene today of Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan) picking up his wife Ana (Dakota Johnson) at work, accompanied by her bodyguard Luke Sawyer (Pretty Little Liars’ Brant Daugherty). Production shot in Alexander Street in Vancouver’s Gastown outside a Seattle Independent Press  (SIP) facade. There have been other short [...]

LOCATION: FIFTY SHADES Sequels End Vancouver Location Filming Where it Started — in Gastown?

Fifty Shades Redux. The sequels to Fifty Shades of Grey started filming in metro Vancouver four months ago in Gastown at Seattle Independent Press (SIP). First at an interior set on Cordova Street and then SIP exteriors on Alexander Street — the famous Fifty Shades Darker walk-and-kiss when Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) gave the Seattle-billionaire-with-singular-tastes [...]

SHOOT: FIFTY SHADES FREED’s Ana (Dakota Johnson) Gets Ransom from Seattle Bank Filmed in Vancouver

“May I help you ma’am?” The young woman gives me a bright, insincere smile, and for a moment I regret changing into jeans. “I’d like to withdraw a large sum of money.” Ms. Insincere Smile arches an even more insincere eyebrow.“You have an account with us?” She fails to hide her sarcasm. “Yes,” I snap. “My husband and [...]

LOCATION: FIFTY SHADES Expected to Shoot at Vancouver’s B5 Tower as Grey House

Updated: Fifty Shades turned B5 tower in downtown Vancouver into Grey House on Saturday, June 4th. Will the Fifty Shades sequels turn downtown Vancouver’s Bentall 5 tower into Seattle’s Grey House on Saturday for a daytime shoot? Schedules change but that’s the expectation. We first met Grey House in the  opening of Fifty Shades of [...]

SHOOT: FIFTY SHADES Films on Vancouver’s “Golden Mile” of Waterfront Homes on Point Grey Road

Fifty Shades filmed at my favourite house in Vancouver yesterday morning. The house sits on the city’s “Golden Mile” of waterfront houses from the 2400 block to the 3600 block of Point Grey Road. The design is a cross of narrow Malibu beachfront house with old-fashioned English country house. Production shot inside a book-lined study overlooking [...]