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TRIBUTE: Tribute to ONCE UPON A TIME Season One As Show Celebrates Its 100th Episode With Party in Steveston

The sun’s out in #Steveston! Let’s hope for clear skies tonight for #OnceTurns100 event. #OnceUponATime #Storybrooke — GulfofGeorgiaCannery (@gogcannery) February 20, 2016 Once Upon a Time is celebrating its upcoming 100th episode tonight with a party for cast and crew in Steveston’s Gulf of Georgia Cannery. To mark the occasion here are some photographs [...]

SHOOT: ONCE UPON A TIME’s Emma (Jennifer Morrison) & Her Swan Bug in Downtown Vancouver

Update: Boston 2010. Emma Swan buys her signature red leather jacket in this store. Her armor. Once Upon a Time filmed Emma Swan (Jennifer Morrison) in downtown Vancouver traffic this morning in what appears to be a flashback. Her co-star in Firebird is her bail bonds mentor Cleo (Rya Kihlstedt), according to TVLine. Swan Bug [...]

SHOOT: Does ONCE UPON A TIME’s Charming (Josh Dallas) Have Run-In with Prince James in Underbrooke aka Steveston?

Correction: Forgot all about Charming’s dead twin brother Prince James. James. David. Once Upon a Time is filming both sides of a Sheriff James vs Charming fight today in Steveston as Underbrooke. This explains the rumble I saw on the Gulf of Georgia Cannery docks last week. Fight. Two doubles walked past me carrying their [...]

EVENT: ONCE UPON A TIME To Celebrate 100th Episode With Cast & Crew Party in Steveston on February 20th

Updated: Party! Once Upon a Time is celebrating its 100th episode with a private party for cast and crew in Steveston this Saturday, February 20th. Red carpet with stars: 6:45 to 8 p.m. Private party in Gulf of Georgia Cannery: 8 p.m. to 1 a.m. The village of Steveston has played Storybrooke for almost five [...]

SHOOT: ONCE UPON A TIME Night Shoot With Rebecca Mader & Greg Germann in Steveston’s Garry Point Park

Revised and updated: What do you say Zelena? Will you make chaos with me? — Hades. Hades (Greg Germann) took Zelena (Rebecca Mader) on a romantic picnic and promised her Storybrooke. The real Storbyrooke. Not his Underworld version of it. Once Upon a Time filmed this romantic encounter on Valentine’s Day weekend at  Steveston’s Garry [...]

SHOOT: ONCE UPON A TIME Rumble in Steveston With Jennifer Morrison, Colin O’Donoghue, Josh Dallas, Sean Maguire & Victoria Smurfit

Update: Charming vs James. Rumble on the docks? Once Upon a Time had its stunt coordinator on set today for a fight on the docks. Production’s smoke machines kept the action hazy but CaptainSwan (Jennifer Morrison & Colin O’Donoghue), Charming, Robin Hood (Sean Maguire and a fake baby) and Cruella de Vil (Victoria Smurfit) could [...]

SHOOT: ONCE UPON A TIME Films Ruby Slippers in Vancouver’s Mountain View Cemetery with Meghan Ory

On set with the cast of @OnceABC #OnceUponATime — Had a great time directing the show. — Eriq La Salle (@EriqLaSalle23) February 5, 2016 Ruby returns on the upcoming Once Upon a Time episode Ruby Slippers this Spring. Director Eriq La Salle shared a photo on Friday of Ruby aka Meghan Ory with the [...]

SHOOT: ONCE UPON A TIME’s Captain Swan (Colin O’Donoghue & Jennifer Morrison) on Underbrooke Library Roof in Steveston

Did you hear the screams in Steveston last night from giddy fans drunk on meeting Once Upon a Time’s CaptainSwan, aka Colin O’Donoghue and Jennifer Morrison? Colin O’Donogue and Jennifer Morrison are meeting fans in #Steveston #OUAT @yvrshoots @UponASpoiler — Julia Wickham (@wickinrichmond) January 20, 2016 After the meet and greet, production assistants had [...]

SHOOT: ONCE UPON A TIME’s Rumple, Belle & Gaston (Robert Carlyle, Emilie de Ravin, Wes Brown) in Steveston as Underbrooke

So that was the new Gaston (Wes Brown) on the Steveston docks on Monday. Today Belle (pregnant Emilie de Ravin) had to come between the two men — Rumple (Robert Carlyle) and Gaston — in the Underworld, affectionately dubbed Hellbrooke by fans and Underbrooke by the writers. Once Upon a Time filmed the sequence outside [...]

SHOOT: ONCE UPON A TIME’s Hellbrooke in Steveston Has Mysterious Red Telephone Box

@VisitRichmondBC @yvrshoots Each episode should begin with voice over ‘ Once Upon a Time is filmed before a live audience.’ — Clive Lauzon (@CliveLauzon) January 15, 2016 Once Upon a Time set up Storybrooke as the Underworld yesterday for filming today — affectionately dubbed Hellbrooke. The fallen clock tower. There’s something not quite right about [...]

SHOOT: ONCE UPON A TIME’s RumBelle (Robert Carlyle & Emilie de Ravin), Gaston (Wes Brown) & Hades (Greg Germann) on Steveston Docks

Gaston falls in the River of Souls. Update: Cropped the Dark One’s Dagger, Hades and Gaston out of my photos back in January when all were spoilers. Now we know that Hades has a marker on Rumplestiltskin and Belle’s unborn child and in episode 17, My Handsome Hero there seems to be a fight for [...]