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FINAL SEASON: SUPERNATURAL’s Raising Hell With Sam & Dean & Demon Jack & Ketch & Rowena

Supernatural Season 15. Sam & Dean & Cas & Demon-Jack. Plus Rowena & Ketch. Plus Kevin Tran. Supernatural filmed tonight’s Raising Hell in a bucolic golf club neighbourhood in Ladner — playing the warded town where the demons raised from hell are being contained. As we learned in the season 15 premiere, Jack’s corpse has [...]

CHARITY: REEL THANKSGIVING CHALLENGE Has Raised $100,000 So Far for Vancouver Food Bank

REEL Thanksgiving Challenge Remember Supernatural’s Pie Day? When Misha Collins got pie-ed and Jensen Ackles pie-ed crew in an Action Ackles video. Related: Supernatural Pie Day Tops REEL Thanksgiving Challenge 2018. Pie Day was one of the reasons Supernatural cast, crew and fans raised the most money — $47,804 — for the Vancouver Food Bank in [...]

FINAL SEASON: SUPERNATURAL’s Swayze’s Bar Set For Wild Night Out With Jensen Ackles & Christian Kane

Supernatural Final Season. Updated: Angel alum Christian Kane is in Supernatural’s final season playing an old friend of Dean Winchester’s — former hunter Leo Webb. And “the two have a wild night out”. Dean ends up fronting a bar band called the Impalas (made up of real-life Supernatural crew members boom operator Chris Glyn-Jones, lead [...]

NEXT: SUPERNATURAL’s Jared Padalecki to Star in & Produce WALKER, TEXAS RANGER Reboot

Walker, Texas Ranger Reboot. Updated: What’s next for Jared Padalecki after Supernatural ends next Spring? It could be a Walker, Texas Ranger reboot set in Austin, where he and his family live. 🤞 — Jared Padalecki (@jarpad) September 23, 2019 Jim Beaver wants a role in it. Well, if you keep yelling at me [...]

EVENT: SUPERNATURAL’s Jensen Ackles, Jacob Tremblay, SABRINA’s Ross Lynch & More in Vancouver Whitecaps Match

Legends & Stars Are you ready for the one, the only Jensen Ackles to take the field? No one was prepared for what happened next. Um this isn’t rugby, Jensen Ackles — Vancouver Whitecaps. Vancouver Whitecaps image. um this isn’t rugby, @JensenAckles 😂#VWFC — Vancouver Whitecaps FC (@WhitecapsFC) September 15, 2019 .@JensenAckles makes his [...]

FINAL SEASON: SUPERNATURAL Season 15 — Sam & Dean & Cas Have Work to Do.

Supernatural Season 15. Shane Harvey/The CW. We’ve got work to do. — Sam. In Supernatural’s season 15, Sam & Dean Winchester (Jared Padalecki & Jensen Ackles) have to re-hunt creatures they’d sent to hell years ago. Like the Woman in White. John Wayne Gacy in his alter ego Pogo the Clown, And countless others. But first in [...]

EVENT: SUPERNATURAL’s Jensen Ackles & Jared Padalecki Suiting Up For Vancouver Whitecaps Legends & Stars Match?

Legends & Stars Update: Jared Padalecki has dropped out. Sam & Dean play soccer? Please let their uniforms be flannel. Supernatural’s Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles are suiting up for the third annual Vancouver Whitecaps FC Legends & Stars charity soccer game. Do you mean we got to see this again??? — DeannaJib11 (@Deanna7910) [...]

FINAL SEASON: SUPERNATURAL’s Jared Padalecki & Jensen Ackles Don’t Want To Say Bye To Sam & Dean Winchester

Supernatural Final Season. I hope this won’t be the last time I play Sam Winchester — Jared Padalecki. The best thing about Supernatural’s last appearance at the Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour this weekend: Matt Cohen (who plays a younger version of Papa Winchester) interviewed Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles (Sam & Dean Winchester) [...]

FINAL SEASON: SUPERNATURAL’s Sam & Dean & Cas & Jack & Pogo the Clown Film Premiere This Week

Supernatural Final Season. Misha Collins Twitter. Image by Frieda Norman. Sam & Dean & Cas & Jack rolling in Baby. Wait a minute…Jack’s back from the dead…with sunglasses covering his burnt out eyes? And weren’t Sam & Dean & Cas surrounded by a horde of the undead risen from their graves in the season 14 [...]

FINAL SEASON: SUPERNATURAL’s Jensen Ackles Directs Jared Padalecki in Sam & Dean-Centric Atomic Monsters

Supernatural Final Season. Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles. Updated with Jensen Ackles instagram. Jensen Ackles directs the first filmed episode of Supernatural’s final season. Atomic Monsters — episode four of season fifteen — is Sam & Dean Winchester-centric. This is Ackles’s sixth time directing a Supernatural episode. Related: Jensen Ackles to Direct Supernatural’s First Filmed [...]

FINAL SEASON: SUPERNATURAL’s Tribute to Baby & SPN Family at San Diego Comic-Con

Supernatural Final Season. Supernatural’s final panel at San Diego Comic Con, Supernatural gave away Baby (a restored Impala) to a lucky fan at the convention. Before: After: Fan question. What would you like to do that you haven’t done before? Jared: We always joke in last 307 episodes that it would be fun to go [...]