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VIFF: Inside the BETTER CALL SAUL, GHOST WARS, LUCIFER, RIVERDALE Writers Rooms at VanCity Theatre

Tomorrow is Indie Day at the Vancovuer International Festival with writers from Lucifer, Riverdale, Ghost Wars and Better Call Saul.   [...]

BC FILM: Kyle Rideout’s PUBLIC SCHOOLED With Judy Greer and Daniel Doheny To Screen at TIFF & VIFF

We’re stuck together, you and me. — Mom (Judy Greer). Aspiring physicist Liam (Daniel Doheny) opts out of his Mom (Judy Greer)’s homeschooling in their garage to chase after popular Anastasia (Siobhan Williams) in public school. His Mom homeschooled him because she believes public schools breed mediocrity. And Liam is anything but. He’s about to head [...]

VIFF TALK: Emmy Winner Tatiana Maslany of ORPHAN BLACK & THE OTHER HALF

Sarah. Beth. Alison. Cosima. Helena. Rachel. Krystal. M.K. — some of the Leda Clones on Orphan Black. Tatiana Maslany plays multiple clones on the Toronto-filmed genre hit Orphan Black, but the actress herself is singular. So articulate. So empathetic. She recently won an Emmy for her work on Orphan Black — the first time a [...]

VIFF: Third & Final Screening of Dark Fantasy CHARLOTTE’S SONG Tonight at Vancouver Playhouse

Tonight is the final sold-out screening of Nicholas Humphries’s dark fantasy Charlotte’s Song at the Vancouver International Film Festival: 6:30 p.m. at the Vancouver Playhouse. This sinister re-imaginging of The Little Mermaid garnered honourable mention in this year’s #mustseeBC contest. Her story begins where the fairy tale ends. Director Nicholas Humphries reimagines The Little Mermaid [...]

VIFF INDUSTRY: Helen Shaver’s Favourite TV Episode She’s Ever Directed Is ORPHAN BLACK With Twerking

BBC America image: Tatiana Maslany & Kristian Bruun. Helen Shaver could run #CloneClub for Orphan Black. Her favourite television episode of the many she’s directed in her career is Certain Agony of the Battlefield with the greatest Orphan Black scene ever — Alison and Donnie twerking on their bed with piles of cash. The script said twerking scene with Alison [...]

VIFF INDUSTRY: INTO THE FOREST Writer/Director Patricia Rozema Talks About the Art of The Arc This Afternoon

How did writer/director Patricia Rozema adapt the Jean Hegland novel Into the Forest about two sisters in a post-apocalyptic  world into such  a compelling feature film. She has a history of finding a good story arc with other adapted properties like Mansfield Park and  original work like When Night is Falling about a life unravelling [...]

VIFF INDUSTRY: How DEAD RISING: WATCHTOWER’s Tim Carter & Zach Lipovsky Turned Video Game into Indiana Jones With Zombies

Shall We Watch a Game? 1:45 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. today at VanCity Theatre. Writer/Producer Tim Carter and Director Zach Lipovsky turned a hit video game into “Indiana Jones with Zombies”, a Vancouver-shot feature Dead Rising: Watchtower that streamed on Sony’s Crackle this year  — with a sequel expected in the Spring of 2016. The action/horror flick [...]

VIFF INDUSTRY: Executive Producer Warren Littlefield & Fargo Snowglobe Waited 15+ Years for FARGO TV Series

Small town. Big crime. Dead cold. Warren Littlefield tried to develop the 1996 Coen Brothers classic film Fargo into a TV series for more than 15 years. Back in 1997, when Littlefield was President of NBC, he greenlit a Fargo pilot and one of the pilot’s marketing tools was a snow globe with the iconic [...]

VIFF INDUSTRY: Discoverability Day – What’s the Use of Creating the Best Content If No One Sees It?

Updated and Revised: VIFF Industry kicks off this afternoon with a panel on the new buzz word – “Discoverability” ”Creators will have to work harder than ever before to connect with viewers. After all, what’s the use in creating the best content in the world when no one can find it and enjoy it? Discoverability [...]

VIFF INDUSTRY: Too Much TV? How to Break Through & Keep Audience with FARGO’s Warren Littlefield, HALT & CATCH FIRE’s Christopher Rogers & CONTINUUM’s Simon Barry on October 2nd

Too Much Television. That’s what John Landgraf,  CEO of FX Networks famously said this year. With over 400 original scripted shows airing in the U.S. in 2015, how do creators and producers break through and keep an audience? Especially when competing against other good shows. Is there a limited time and a finite audience now? Fargo [...]

VIFF: Mark Sawers’s Satire NO MEN PAST THIS POINT with Patrick Gilmore as Youngest Man Alive

Men Are People Too. What would the world be like if women were in charge? Men are on the verge of extinction in this mockumentary from Vancouver writer/director Mark Sawers. At tonight’s sold-out Vancouver International Film Festival screening, Sawers said he got the idea from a science item about virgin births by female komodo dragons [...]