NEW MOVIE: RICHARD SAYS GOODBYE With Johnny Depp Filming in Vancouver This Summer

Type-casting? Johnny Depp binges on every vice in Richard Says Goodbye filming in Vancouver this summer. A terminal diagnosis prompts a college professor to blow up his staid life and live as freely as possible. Sarcastic, reckless and a touch mad, Richard hurls insults, smokes, drinks, has indiscriminate sex and more fun than he’s had [...]

START: DC’s LEGENDS OF TOMORROW Season 3 With Caity Lotz Starts Filming in Vancouver on July 6th

  Updated with early start date of July 6th. Did the Legends break time? We last saw the Waverider crash-landing in an altered Los Angeles 2017 where dinosaurs roam the streets and London’s Big Ben clock tower is part of the LA skyline. How will they fix it? Caity Lotz is Sara Lance/White Canary. Brandon [...]

START: SUPERGIRL Season 3 With Melissa Benoist Starts Filming in Vancouver on July 6th

Who’s in the Pod this time? In the Supergirl season 2 finale, Kara said goodbye to love Mon-El who left Earth in his pod and was last seen headed into a wormhole. Will we see him again? Meanwhile, a new pod has crashed on Earth, expected to contain season 3’s Big Bad, DC Worldkiller Reign. [...]

START: ONCE UPON A TIME Season 7 With Lana Parrilla Starts Filming in Vancouver on July 6th

Lana Parrilla and Adam Horowitz at ABC Upfront in New York City. New Curse. New City. New Identities. Once Upon a Time season 7 starts filming on Thursday, July 6th, in Vancouver. In the reset season, old favourites like Regina, the Evil Queen (Lana Parrilla), Captain Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) and Rumplestiltskin (Robert Carlyle) are victims of [...]

GONE SOUTH: TIMELESS Season 2 Moves Production From Vancouver to L.A. With $9.6 Million in Tax Credits

It’s official. Timeless is moving production south in its second season. NBC’s resurrected time-travel series gets $9.6 million in tax credits from California to come home. Vancouver lost FOX’s Lucifer and FX’s Legion in an earlier round of incentives. A fan campaign #RenewTimeless brought back the show three days after NBC cancelled it in May. [...]

START: THE FLASH Season 4 With Newly-Engaged Grant Gustin Starts Filming in Vancouver on July 4th

Where did Barry Allen go? In The Flash season 3 finale he left love Iris West and Team Flash to go into the Speed Force. Six months later, he’s still trapped inside this extra-dimensional energy and it’s up to Team Flash to free him. The Flash Reborn is the season premiere title. Once he leaves [...]

STUNT: Barefoot Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds and Stunt Double) Runs Through Traffic in Rain for DEADPOOL 2

Barefoot Wade Wilson runs through traffic in the rain. Deadpool 2 filmed overnight last night on a closed block of downtown Vancouver in front of hundreds of fans. Not much could be seen at first except crew, cars, rain towers and a glimpse of Wilson running into the street. Around midnight, I saw Ryan Reynolds [...]

COLD WATER: OVERBOARD Role Reversal With Anna Faris and Eugenio Derbez in Vancouver Ocean

Anna Faris in a yellow string bikini. Remember Overboard with Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell? About a spoiled rich woman who falls overboard from her yacht off the coast of Oregon and suffers amnesia. The local carpenter cons her into thinking she’s his wife and the mother of his four sons. But by the time her memory’s back, [...]

CANADA 150: Easter Egg For Marvel’s Canadian Superheroes Alpha Flight on DEADPOOL 2 Taxi in Vancouver

Thankyou Ryan Reynolds for the shoutout to Marvel’s Canadian superheroes Alpha Flight in upcoming Deadpool 2. Alpha Flight: Scientist James Hudson from London, Ontario who wears Maple Leaf on his Guardian suit. Scientist Walter Langowski from B.C. aka Sasquatch. Mutant Jean-Paul Beaubier from Montreal, Quebec, aka Northstar. Jeanne-Marie Beaubier from Montreal, Quebec, aka Northstar’s twin [...]

DAY 2: DEADPOOL 2 With Ryan Reynolds on a Downtown Vancouver Rooftop and with Dopinder the Taxi Driver

Deadpool on a downtown Vancouver rooftop with a red neon sign which spells out Deadpool in Chinese characters. That sounds about right. On Day 2 of the Deadpool sequel, production shot its motormouth anti-hero on top of a downtown Vancouver rooftop in the Business District. Giving Julian Dennison a warm 💀💩L welcome as we stare [...]

START: DEADPOOL 2 With Ryan Reynolds Starts Filming in Vancouver With a Week of Downtown Shoots

Updated: After the big X-Men Mansion drop-in a few weeks ago, Deadpool 2’s start of filming in Vancouver proved quieter with a shoot of Deadpool at a kids party and then an afternoon shoot on the roof of  a downtown office tower yesterday. Deadpool was photographed bouncing on a trampoline at the kids party and [...]