LOCATION: THE MOUNTAIN BETWEEN US With Kate Winslet & Idris Elba to Film In Invermere in January


Lucky Invermere. The winter survival romance with Kate Winslet and Idris Elba is expected to film in this British Columbia mountain town in January. The Mountain Between Us is adapted from the Charles Martin book. Writer Ashley Knox (Kate Winslet) and surgeon Dr. Ben Payne (Idris Elba) are stranded in Salt Lake City in winter [...]

SAG AWARDS: Millie Bobby Brown was Madison/Serial Killer in INTRUDERS in Vancouver Before Eleven in STRANGER THINGS


Before Millie Bobby Brown’s SAG-nominated role as Eleven on Stranger Things, she was creepy good in Vancouver-filmed Intruders as a male serial killer inhabiting a young girl’s body. I saw her on set in Chinatown in 2014 and outside the Del Mar Inn but didn’t realize how extraordinary she would be on screen. At Pacific [...]

CASTING: Elyse Levesque as Guinevere on LEGENDS OF TOMORROW


Legends of Tomorrow cast Elyse Levesque (Cedar Cove, Stargate: Universe) as Guinevere in its Camelot episode, which has been filming for the past week or so in metro Vancouver in snowy conditions. On location at West Burnaby United Church near Metrotown today. #LegendsOfTomorrow filming in West Burnaby United Church now. @yvrshoots @WhatsFilming pic.twitter.com/HROYcW9VAP — LoadLifter [...]

SHOOT: SUPERGIRL (Melissa Benoist) & Lillian Luther (Brenda Strong) in Downtown Vancouver in Small Plaza


Supergirl filmed in downtown Vancouver today. On a Sunday. Post snow-storm. That might explain why the location changed from Granville Square to a more protected plaza up next to the Anerican consulate, What was the sequence? Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) saves a construction worker and has words with Lillian Luther (Brenda Strong) before crouching down and [...]

UPCOMING: THE FLASH Adds Gypsy to its Meta-Human Mix in Vancouver?


Update: Jessica Camacho is meta-human Gypsy. Is Gypsy (Jessica Camacho) the new meta-human we saw with Vibe (Carlos Valdes) in downtown Vancouver a week ago? Gypsy’s special talent is to create illusions. Like Grodd? Here are some photos from last Friday’s shoot.   Savitar and Grodd in some sort of CG fight. Cisco in Vibe [...]

TRAILER: WAR FOR THE PLANET OF THE APES Battle Between Caesar (Andy Serkis) & the Colonel (Woody Harrelson) in Vancouver


I did not start this War. — Caesar. War For The Planet of the Apes — the third instalment of the rebooted billion-dollar Planet of the Apes franchise starring motion-captured Andy Serkis as Ape leader Caesar– dropped its trailer today. We first met Caesar as a genetically-enhanced baby chimp living in San Francisco with humans [...]

START: ZOO Season 3 With James Wolk & Billy Burke Starts Filming in Mid-January in Vancouver


“I know just where to find him.” — Clementine about her father Mitch Morgan. Zoo ended season two with a flash forward ten years into the future. Humans are sterilized but not the mutated animals. Jackson Oz (James Wolk) and Abe Kenyatta (Nonso Anozi) are trying to stop the hybrid animal attacks but it’s hard [...]



Holiday Filming Hiatus 2016 in Vancouver:   The Mountain Between Us Filming Hiatus: December 20th to January 3rd.   Altered Carbon Filming Hiatus: December 14th to January 24th.   Arrow Filming Hiatus: December 17th to January 3rd.   Bates Motel Filming Hiatus: December 17th to January 3rd.   DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Filming Hiatus: December 17th [...]

EVENT: THE MAN IN THE HIGH CASTLE Season 2 Premiere Event With Alexa Davalos & Luke Kleintank in Los Angeles


RT to get a reminder once the new season of #HighCastle is released 12/16 & we’ll send you an exclusive S2 clip now! pic.twitter.com/aCSsPR9EX2 — High Castle (@HighCastleTV) December 2, 2016 Luke Kleintank and Alexa Davalos. The Man in the High Castle had a season two premiere event in Los Angeles tonight.Based on Philip K. [...]

TONIGHT: Team Winchester Takes on Lucifer as POTUS in SUPERNATURAL Mid-Season Finale


Lucifer’s not content with slutting it from one random vessel to the next. He’s moving on to Blue Chips. Celebrities. Captains of Industry. He just got a lot more dangerous. — Crowley. Having a rock star vessel got Lucifer a big Twitter following. Now he’s looking for someone with real power and influence. He goes [...]

FINALE: Vancouver-as-Vancouver Spy Serial THE ROMEO SECTION Season 2 Finale With Andrew Airlie Tonight on CBC


Spy Wolfgang McGee (Andrew Airlie) is courted by Global Standard while Norman (Brian Markinson) plots to bring the investigation to a close; and as Mei Mei’s movie falls apart, Rufus (Juan Riedinger) hears a pitch from Jimmy Wah. Director of Photography Brendan Uegama at Vancouver’s Hotel Georgia. This was taken on the last day of [...]