NEW SERIES: TNT’s SNOWPIERCER Series With Daveed Diggs Expected To Start Filming This Summer in Vancouver

Fight your way to the front. Update: New filming dates = August 20th to December 22nd. TNT ‘s Snowpiercer series is expected to start filming this summer in Vancouver under new showrunner Graeme Manson (Orphan Black), who replaces Josh Friedman. Inspired by Bong Joon Ho’s futuristic 2013 thriller with Chris Evans, the 10-episode series takes [...]

LOCATION: DESCENDANTS 3 at Britannia Mine Museum and Minaty Bay This Thursday/Friday.

Sofia Carson as Evie. Dove Cameron as Mal. Descendants 3 –about the teenage children of classic Disney villains — is expected to film at the Britannia Mine Museum and Minaty Bay south of Squamish this Thursday and Friday. Both locations are private property. The third of the hit Disney musicals has the working title The Big [...]

NEXT: SUPERGIRL (Melissa Benoist) Finds Her Mother Alura (Erica Durance) on Part of Krypton That Survived

Supergirl is stunned to find a part of Krypton that survived the destruction of the planet and her mother Alura Zor-el (Erica Durance) alive. Argo City, Kara’s home on Krypton. Filmed at Vancouver’s Van Dusen Gardens and Bloedel Conservatory. @WhatsFilming @yvrshoots kyprtonian flea market — Shayne Cohen (@Talentedkatz) March 29, 2018 @WhatsFilming @yvrshoots Chris wood [...]

START: Disney Musical DESCENDANTS 3 With Dove Cameron About to Start Filming in Vancouver & Victoria

After a month of rehearsals, Descendants 3 –about the teenage children of classic Disney villains — is ready to start filming in Vancouver and Victoria. The third of the hit Disney muscials — with the working title The Big Sleep — gets underway tomorrow May 22nd and is expected to wrap July 7th. Star Dove Cameron shared [...]

FINALE: Run Mr. Allen Run. THE FLASH Goes Inside Clifford DeVoe’s Mind Inception-Style in Season Finale

Screencap. You’re in my mind now. There’s no escape. Run Mr. Allen Run. — Clifford DeVoe. We are the Flash is a group effort to stop Clifford DeVoe (Neil Sandilands) aka The Thinker, with one unexpected ally — DeVoe’s wife Marlize. The CW image. Candice Patton as Iris West & Kim Engelbrecht as Marlize. The [...]

FINALE: ONCE UPON A TIME’s Evil Queen Crowned Good Queen in Series Finale

Updated: The Evil Queen gets her happy ending. Remember how Once Upon a Time started? With the Evil Queen crashing Snow White and Prince Charming’s wedding. And then casting a dark curse to send all the fairy tale characters to the town of Storybrooke in Maine. Well seven seasons and 155 episodes on, the show [...]

FINALE: SUPERNATURAL’s Jensen Ackles’s New Character is Michael as Fans Predicted

Updated: Thanks for the meat suit — Michael to Dean. Lucifer versus Michael showdown redux. And Apocalypse World’s archangel Michael wins in Dean Winchester’s body. And then reneges on the deal. So that’s Michael walking down the street dressed like he stepped out of Peaky Blinders. Well, this can’t be good. Thanks for watching this [...]

UPFRONTS: The CW Fall Changes – SUPERGIRL on Sundays. LEGENDS OF TOMORROW & ARROW on Mondays.

Stephen Amell on stage at the CW Upfront. Batwoman to join the Arrowverse for the big four-show Crossover this Fall —  biggest news coming out of the CW Upfront in New York City today? Related: Batwoman & Gotham City to Join Arrowverse for DC Crossover on The CW. Supergirl and new series Charmed move to [...]

DC CROSSOVER: Batwoman & Gotham City Join the ARROWVERSE in This Fall’s Crossover. Filmed in Vancouver.

Sideshow Collectibles image. We’re incredibly excited to announce that we’ll be doing another crossover event this fall on the CW, and we’ll be introducing a new character. For the very first time appearing, we’ll be fighting alongside Batwoman, which is terrific. The crossover is going to make it to air in December. I need to [...]

UPFRONTS: The CW’s CHARMED Reboot About Three Sister-Witches To Air Sundays This Fall

Stronger together. — Marisol. Charmed will air Sundays at 9 this Fall after Supergirl in a “Girlpower” night for The CW. The Charmed Ones. After the tragic death of their mother Marisol, three sisters in a college town are stunned to discover they are witches. Soon this powerful threesome must stand together to fight the [...]

FINALE: Alice & Betty Cooper in a Cemetery for RIVERDALE Season 2 Finale

Update: This scene must have been cut. The Cooper Women in a Cemetery. Riverdale filmed this season finale scene of Alice Cooper (Madchen Amick) and her daughter Betty (Lili Reinhart) in a cemetery. Alice breaks down at the grave. Could it be her son Charles’s grave? Or Hal’s? Hal Cooper was revealed to be the [...]