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SHOOT: TOMORROWLAND Dance Party at H.R. MacMillan Space Centre

“This is the most expensive dance party you’re ever going to go to.” – Tomorrowland director. What to do with 300 extras dressed as if they’re at the 1964 New York World’s Fair while you wait for the sun to come out? How about a dance party? That’s what happened on the Tomorrowland set last [...]

WEEK: July 8-14, 2013

Sunday, July 14th –  Vancouver-cop-from-the-future series Continuum 2×10 Second Wave airs on Showcase: Kiera (Rachel Nichols) attends one of Julian (Richard Harmon)’s anti-corporate rallies filmed in Gastown’s Blood Alley Square with 250 police/protester background performers. Sunday, July 14th – The Killing 3×08 Try airs on AMC: Pastor Mike (Ben Cotton) abducts Sarah Linden (Mireille Enos).  Bullet (Bex [...]

STILL: Jeff Bridges, Julianne Moore & Ben Barnes as SEVENTH SON

Legendary Pictures shared a set photo of apprentice Tom Ward (Ben Barnes) and Master Gregory (Jeff Bridges) in dark fantasy Seventh Son ahead of the release of a new trailer. Adapted from Joseph Delaney’s The Wardstone Chronicles series,  it’s about a  Falcon Knight, Master Gregory, who imprisoned an evil witch Mother Malkin (Julianne Moore) years [...]

SHOOT: Elizabeth Olsen Drenched by Rain Tower at GODZILLA in Downtown Vancouver – Day 2

Gozilla returned to Oceanic Plaza  dressed as San Francisco in Vancouver’s Business District on Sunday to film more scenes of Elizabeth Olsen doused by rain tower. But Day 2 of shooting had an action scene of the young actress turning and running west in between lanes of gridlocked traffic outside a prop BART (Bay Area [...]

SHOOT: Rebecca Romijn of KING & MAXWELL at Stanley Park Pavilion

King & Maxwell crew turned the Stanley Park Pavilion into the Leavitt Inn, the site of an attempted assassination at a Washington D.C. press conference. Today was the day for all the exterior scenes including one on the other side of former secret service agent Michelle Maxwell (Rebecca Romijn) coming around the side of a [...]

SHOOT: GODZILLA’s Golden Gate Bridge Set with Inflatable GreenScreens

For locals, Godzilla‘s Golden Gate Bridge set is Rise of the Planet of the Apes redux on the vast Kent Hangar gravel field at the Vancouver/Burnaby border. Rust-red street lights and railings. Giant greenscreens. Motorists and buses trapped on the bridge. Soldiers. Cop cars. Only this time the showdown is between the military/police and Godzilla [...]

SHOOT: GODZILLA Evacuates Kid Extras From Steveston’s Japanese Cultural Centre as School

Update: Janjira is the name of the Japanese nuclear power plant in the Godzilla reboot Godzilla crew remade Steveston’s Japanese Cultural Centre/Martial Arts Centre into the Jankira International School for filming on Wednesday, adding fake pink cherry blossoms to the east side of the trees outside and parking a prop Japanese school bus and giant [...]

SHOOT: GODZILLA Lead Aaron Taylor-Johnson Films in Steveston

Godzilla star Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Lieutenant Ford) filmed a scene last Tuesday in a closed intersection in Steveston south of Vancouver with 200 military extras and two spheres on either end of a pole to represent [a train carrying nuclear warheads passing in front of him]. We don’t know yet if the rebooted Godzilla is powered [...]

SHOOT: GODZILLA Invades ONCE UPON A TIME’s Storybrooke, aka Steveston

Feature film Godzilla invaded Steveston last week. Two hundred U.S. military extras stormed the village to protect it from the wrath of the Japanese monster. Ahead of the Tuesday shoot, crew turned Moncton Street into a different American town instead of the familiar Storybrooke, Maine, of Once Upon a Time. They covered up the Steveston [...]

SHOOT: Jon Tenney & Rebecca Romijn Film KING & MAXWELL Explosion Aftermath in Gastown

Secret service agents turned private investigators Sean King (Jon Tenney) and Michelle Maxwell (Rebecca Romijn) are the leads in the upcoming TNT series King & Maxwell, based on popular characters from best-selling author David Baldacci. In the episode filmed this week, the pair investigate an explosion at a Washington, D.C. eatery. One which impacts King [...]

SHOOT: Rachel Nichols & 250 Protester/Police Extras Film CONTINUUM 2×10 in Gastown’s Blood Alley

Continuum staged a big protest scene in Gastown’s Blood Alley today with Vancouver-cop-from-the-future Kiera Cameron (Rachel Nichols) shoved around in a crowd as hundreds of protester extras battled police extras in full riot gear. In one scene, Kiera ran out of the melee in her black high-tech cat suit, boots and a sky-blue jacket. But [...]