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LOCATION: FIFTY SHADES Expected to Shoot at Vancouver’s B5 Tower as Grey House

Updated: Fifty Shades turned B5 tower in downtown Vancouver into Grey House on Saturday, June 4th. Will the Fifty Shades sequels turn downtown Vancouver’s Bentall 5 tower into Seattle’s Grey House on Saturday for a daytime shoot? Schedules change but that’s the expectation. We first met Grey House in the  opening of Fifty Shades of [...]

SHOOT: FIFTY SHADES OF GREY’s Anastasia (Dakota Johnson) Kisses Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan)’s Cheek in Downtown Vancouver

Fifty Shades of Grey filmed Seattle billionaire Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan) walking Anastasia (Dakota Johnson) from the Grey House — played by the Bentall 5 tower — to her VW bug Wanda last night where she gives him a chaste kiss on the cheek and then gets in Wanda and drives off. The two leads did a walkthrough [...]

SHOOT: FIFTY SHADES OF GREY’s Ana Steele (Dakota Johnson) Stands in The Rain Outside Bentall 5 as Grey House

What happened in the Grey House? Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) comes out of Christian Grey’s headquarters after her last-minute university newspaper interview with the mysterious billionaire, totally oblivious to the rain storm that materialized during her time inside. On each take she comes to a stop and stands still with her face upturned to the rain. Fifty Shades of Grey [...]

SHOOT: FIFTY SHADES OF GREY Films Ana Steele (Dakota Johnson)’s Arrival for “The Interview” at Grey House in Downtown Vancouver

Mr. Grey Will See You Now. Fifty Shades of Grey filmed a scene this morning of Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) driving up to Seattle’s Grey House tower in [her friend Kate’s sporty Mercedes CLK. to interview the CEO of Grey Enterprises Holding Inc. for the university newspaper]. She gets out and stares up at the imposing [...]

WEEK: December 2-8, 2013

Sunday, December 8th – Once Upon a Time 3×10 The New Neverland airs on ABC. Storybrooke townspeople welcome the Jolly Roger  gang and Henry (Jared Gilmore)’s safe return from Neverland unaware that Peter Pan (Robbie Kay) has stowed away in Henry’s body. Sunday, December 8th – Fifty Shades of Grey films at Bentall 5 tower [...]

SET: FIFTY SHADES OF GREY Turns Bentall 5 Tower into Grey House

Fifty Shades of Grey crew dressed downtown Vancouver’s Bentall 5 tower today as Grey House. for filming on Sunday. We can expect to see at least one exterior scene of Seattle billionaire Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan) in spring judging from all the trees unloaded on set to hide the bare branches. Not much can be done about the [...]

SHOOT: ROGUE’s Marton Csokas Films at Bentall 5 Tower in Downtown Vancouver

DirecTV’s Rogue has been tough to find filming on location in Vancouver, so it was a pleasant surprise to spot them out in the open on Saturday afternoon at the Bentall 5 tower downtown dressed as Trade Investments. Production has been “hush hush”, one of their productions guys told me last week out at Deer Lake. No kidding. All [...]