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Published June 13, 2013 on Vancouver is Awesome The fifteenth anniversary of the Leo Awards, celebrating the best of B.C.-made television and film, couldn’t have been more homegrown from start to finish. Vancouver-cop-from-the-future television series Continuum and darkly comedic film Camera Shy, about a corrupt Vancouver city politician,won the big awards. Both sprung from the creative minds of [...]

LEO AWARDS: Agam Darshi & Gabrielle Rose of Bruce Sweeney Film CRIMES OF MIKE RECKET

Crimes of Mike Recket is about failed real estate agent Mike Recket (Nicholas Lea) whose beautiful, pampered wife Jasleen (Agam Darshi) has dumped him and barred access to their daughter. In a bid to solve his money woes, he tries to scam widow Leslie Kemper (Gabrielle Rose) so that when she goes missing, Recket becomes [...]

SHOOT: Hugh Dillon Films Vancouver Indie THE LAST CROP on Chinatown Roof

You’d think Hugh Dillon would be an easy man to find in Vancouver since he’s been recurring on Continuum as the mysterious Mr. Escher and on The Killing as death-row prison guard Francis Becker. But one character is mysterious (last seen in his office high up in the W-43 Tower in Gastown) and the other [...]

PROMOS: MAN OF STEEL Trailer Plus Problem of No Fly in Super Suit

More is more when it comes to summer blockbusters. Promotion for the Man of Steel is in overdrive ahead of its release next Friday, June 14th. Trailers. Behind the Scenes Video. Talk Shows. Media Interviews.    Best anecdote so far: Star Henry Cavill telling E! News how hard it was to pee between takes when dressed [...]

SHOOT: GODZILLA’s Golden Gate Bridge Set with Inflatable GreenScreens

For locals, Godzilla‘s Golden Gate Bridge set is Rise of the Planet of the Apes redux on the vast Kent Hangar gravel field at the Vancouver/Burnaby border. Rust-red street lights and railings. Giant greenscreens. Motorists and buses trapped on the bridge. Soldiers. Cop cars. Only this time the showdown is between the military/police and Godzilla [...]

SHOOT: GODZILLA Evacuates Kid Extras From Steveston’s Japanese Cultural Centre as School

Update: Janjira is the name of the Japanese nuclear power plant in the Godzilla reboot Godzilla crew remade Steveston’s Japanese Cultural Centre/Martial Arts Centre into the Jankira International School for filming on Wednesday, adding fake pink cherry blossoms to the east side of the trees outside and parking a prop Japanese school bus and giant [...]

SHOOT: GODZILLA Snakes into Finn Slough as Japanese Fishing Village in Nuclear Quarantine Zone

Godzilla’s main unit is spending three afternoon/evenings this week filming in Finn Slough on the Fraser River dressed as a Japanese fishing village in a nuclear quarantine zone. It didn’t take much set dressing to get the right  look. Finn Slough in Steveston is a historic collection of houses on stilts, float houses, net sheds [...]

SHOOT: GODZILLA’s USS Alameda Rocks & Rolls Like Disney Ride in Steveston

Filming started this morning on Godzilla’s USS Alameda landing craft set on the edge of Garry Point Park in Steveston with soldiers, technocrane, fog machines, rain towers, giant scrims and green screens added to the ride.  Crew tested the mechanics last night, rocking and rolling the set while shooting sprays of water over the bow. [...]

SHOOT: GODZILLA Crew Tests USS Alameda Landing Craft Set in Steveston

Godzilla crew tested their USS Alameda landing craft set last night on the edge of Steveston’s Garry Point Park. The craft was rocking and rolling as if battling a sea monster in San Francisco Bay with a stunt performer along for the ride. I’m guessing San Francisco because Alameda is the name of the old [...]

TRAILER: MAN OF STEEL Trailer Ahead of June 14th Release

Newl Man of Steel of trailer — Fate of Your Planet — with Superman Begins scenes of a rugged, bearded Clark Kent (Henry Cavill) shot in Ucluelet and Nanaimo on Vancouver Island and on a vast green screen stage at the Vancouver Drydocks in North Vancouver. Related: Man of Steel’s Henry Cavill Films in North [...]

SHOOT: Will this Warhead Make GODZILLA Go Kaboom at the Steveston Docks?

In tonight’s rehearsal, a group of US soldier extras carry a warhead onto a prop red San Francisco Whale Watching Tours boat at the Steveston docks. Will that be enough to make Godzilla go kaboom? [...]