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YVRShoots Series – Making of THIS MEANS WAR in Vancouver

Published February 27, 2012 on Vancouver is Awesome Thanks to real bro chemistry between Chris Pine (Star Trek reboot’s Captain Kirk) and Tom Hardy (Bane in upcoming The Dark Night Rises), the bromance in This Means War works much better than the actual romance, which flounders on the premise that Reese Witherspoon’s character is so [...]


Published February 7, 2012 on Vancouver is Awesome The return of Kate Beckinsale and her cat suit powered supernatural thriller Underworld Awakening to a weekend North American box office win of $25 million+ for its late January opening but critics blasted the fourth installment of the franchise for its weak storyline. U4 box office halved [...]


Published January 10, 2012 on Vancouver is Awesome UPDATE: Worldwide Box Office — US$695 million. The round-the-world spy thriller Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol has more Vancouver in it than the Mumbai running scene outside the Vancouver Convention Centre which I wrote about in my inaugural #YVRShoots series post and the Seattle post-mission team beer [...]

BIG READ: Robert Redford Films THE COMPANY YOU KEEP in Vancouver

Published November 18, 2011 on Vancouver is Awesome Earlier this week I wrote about the hundreds of University of British Columbia students who turned out to see 26-year-old Transformers star Shia LaBeouf film The Company You Keep on campus last month. Well when the production moved downtown it wasn’t LaBeouf who commanded a fan following [...]

BIG READ: Robert Redford’s THE COMPANY YOU KEEP with Shia LaBeouf

Published November 14, 2011 on Vancouver is Awesome. The Company You Keep is a political thriller starring Robert Redford as a former Weather Underground militant wanted for a Bank of Michigan robbery by the FBI for 30 years, who must go on the run when Shia LaBeouf’s young, ambitious reporter exposes his true identity. It’s [...]

BIG READ – Vancouver as Vancouver at Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF)

Published September 29, 2011 on Vancouver is Awesome It’s not often in this series that I get an opportunity to talk about movies where Vancouver plays itself but the Vancouver International Film Festival is showcasing 17 locally-filmed features in theatres over the next two weeks. Four of the most-buzzed-about are Sisters & Brothers, the third [...]