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TONIGHT: THE X-FILES Season 11 with Fox Mulder & Dana Scully (David Duchovny & Gillian Anderson) Premieres

Updated: Where did we leave agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully? On a Washington, D.C. bridge with Mulder apparently dying from an alien virus unleashed on the world and an immune Scully desperate to save him. We pick up not long after the cliffhanger with the roles reversed. Mulder is driving around town and Scully [...]

SEASON 11: THE X-FILES Fox Mulder & Dana Scully (David Duchovny & Gilian Anderson) in Vancouver

Updated: What is the Fortress? It’s a concrete bunker of a building on Vancouver’s Burrard Slopes. And what does it have to do with Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) in season 11? It looks like this is the season 11 location for the FBI. Some things never change. #tbt pic.twitter.com/I1fBPe1jHi — [...]

SHOOT: NBC Virtual Reality Pilot REVERIE in Downtown Vancouver Skate Park

NBC virtual reality pilot Reverie filmed in a downtown Vancouver skate park last night. What’s it about? Mara (Person of Interest’s Sarah Shahi),a college professor trained in counter terrorism is brought onto an immersive, customized virtual reality project called Reverie by her old boss Charlie Ventanaana (Dennis Haysbert). Her job is to enter a person’s consciousness to bring [...]

TONIGHT: SUPERGIRL (Melissa Benoist) & Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) On Vancouver’s Georgia Viaduct

#SupergirlCW faces the ultimate weapon on a new episode, TOMORROW at 8/7c on The CW. Watch the premiere now: https://t.co/kV3ObJKq0q pic.twitter.com/nHplEL0Tnn — Supergirl (@TheCWSupergirl) October 16, 2016 CADMUS attacks National City with kryptonite-powered villain Metallo who ends up mysteriously hurting Supergirl. Superman blames Hank because the kryptonite was stolen from the DEO. Supergirl vs Metallo, [...]

UPCOMING: FOX Teases Season 11 of THE X-FILES With David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson

Happy Birthday, Gillian. If you see Dana, tell her Fox says she might wanna polish up the ol’ badge soon-ish. Love, D — David Duchovny (@davidduchovny) August 9, 2016 More The X-Files in Vancouver? Eight to 10 episodes in season 11? Fox TV Group chairman Dana Walden told the Television Critics Association summer press tour [...]

TONIGHT: THE X-FILES Season Finale My Struggle, Part 2, With Gillian Anderson & David Duchovny in Vancouver

Remember the Super Bowl teaser when Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) morphed into an alien? Well, tonight’s the night.  The season finale, My Struggle, Part 2,  bookends The X-Files season opener, My Struggle, as people across America fall ill provoking widespread panic as Scully looks for a cure. The results from her season premiere DNA test [...]

IN THEATRES: Get a Load of Vancouver-Shot DEADPOOL With Ryan Reynolds As the Merc With a Mouth

I love @VancityReynolds…here are a few of my thoughts about his new movie #Deadpool.https://t.co/9Bkz9DpyF0 — Betty White (@BettyMWhite) February 11, 2016 Has there ever been a movie campaign this fun ….and raunchy? Deadpool starring Vancouver’s own Ryan Reynolds is non-stop quips and action, much of it filmed on the Georgia Viaduct in front of a [...]

SHOOT: THE FLASH with Grant Gustin & Allison Paige as Trajectory Films on Vancouver’s Georgia Viaduct

So Trajectory was the female speedster on Vancouver’s Georgia Viaduct last Friday night. A fan watched her stunt double rehearsing on mats ahead of filming but couldn’t tell who she was supposed to be. After The Flash locked down the Viaduct and began shooting we could see The Flash facing off against this speedster in [...]

TRAILER: THE X-FILES with David Duchovny & Gillian Anderson on Vancouver’s Georgia Viaduct

Vancouver’s Georgia Viaduct (already famous from Deadpool trailers) is featured in The X-Files final trailer as Washington D.C.’s Interstate 695 — also known as the Southeast Freeway. The X-Files shut down the Viaduct overnight last September on its last day of filming the new limited series, premiering January 24h and 25th on FOX and CTV. [...]

SHOOT: THE X-FILES Revival’s Scully (Gillian Anderson) Drives on Vancouver’s Closed Georgia Viaduct Overnight. X-Files Wraps.

That’s a wrap on #XFiles Season 10! See you on January 24th! @davidduchovny @RobbieAmell @thexfiles pic.twitter.com/77mKlSl2AW — Gillian Anderson (@GillianA) September 3, 2015 Is that yellow light a UFO hovering above Vancouver’s Georgia Viaduct? The X-Files Revival’s Dana Scully races through Washington, D.C. traffic with “her little feet” to get to Fox Mulder in a [...]

TRAILER: Greenband & Redband DEADPOOL Trailers With Ryan Reynolds as The Merc With a Mouth

Green Band. Deadpool: Greetings munchkins. Did you like that dose of green band goodness. Hankering for a little more action. Some big boy curse words. Check out DeadpoolMovie.com for my red band trailer. Make sure to ask your Mommy. And tell her to call me. She’s got the number. Red Band. With great power comes [...]