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SEASON 4: SUPERGIRL’s Melissa Benoist & Anthony Konechny Fight At Vancouver’s Olympic Cauldron

Supergirl Season 4. Anthony Konechny and Melissa Benoist. Update: Supergirl 4×05 Parasite Lost. Supergirl squares off against a turncoat DEO agent with special powers. C'mon #Supergirl.At Vancouver's Olympic Cauldron in Jack Poole Plaza. pic.twitter.com/C48BChQcdm — YVRShoots (@yvrshoots) September 5, 2018

SHOOT: THE FLASH With Grant Gustin & Andy Mientus Back at Rathaway Industries Near Vancouver’s Olympic Cauldron

Update for 2×17 Flash Back: After the shocking revelation that Zoom is Jay Garrick, Barry is more determined than ever to get back to Earth-2 to stop Zoom forever. Desperate to find a way to increase his speed, Barry decides

SHOOT: THE FLASH Films the Flash (Grant Gustin) vs Pied Piper (Andy Mientus) near Olympic Cauldron

The Flash faced off against his latest villain, The Pied Piper, today in downtown Vancouver near the Olympic Cauldron. Background actors ran in terror as The Piped Piper shot sonic blasts at them, exploding one car and one Central City

SHOOT: Joel Kinnaman as ROBOCOP in Big Night Shoot at Vancouver Convention Centre – Updated

When Crime is out of Control. The Only Solution isn’t Human. Joel Kinnaman is the critically-wounded cop Alex Murphy who returns to the Detroit police force in 2028 as a powerful cyborg, thanks to multi-national OmniCorp’s robot technology in this RoboCop