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BIG READ: PERCY JACKSON: SEA OF MONSTERS’ Greek God Adventures in Vancouver

Published June 14, 2002 on Vancouver is Awesome So Greek gods are running rampant in modern America, waging war and fathering children, like young Percy Jackson who discovers in the first film adaption, The Lightning Thief. that the father he never knew is the Greek god Poseidon. In the second of the Percy Jackson and [...]

Nathan Fillion and the Cast of PERCY JACKSON: SEA OF MONSTERS at The UPS Store Set in Vancouver

I found some Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters set photos today that I didn’t publish of Geek God Nathan Fillion filming his role as Greek god Hermes, dressed as a UPS courier in shorts. I’d been in such a hurry to upload photos of Fillion meeting fans in late April that I forgot about my photos [...]

PERCY JACKSON: SEA OF MONSTERS: What are they doing to Grover in a Downtown Vancouver Alley?

Is the cast of Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters always running? It seems that way but that’s based only on a handful of scenes I’ve seen filmed for the sequel. After Logan Lerman’s Percy and Douglas Smith’s Tyson spent the morning running up the 500 block of Granville Street yesterday, Alexandra Daddario’s Annabeth joined the half-brothers in the [...]

PERCY JACKSON: SEA OF MONSTERS: Half-Brothers Percy & Tyson Running Up Granville Street in Vancouver

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters crew turned SFU’s Segal Graduate Business School into First National Savings Bank of D.C. with some American flags and plaques for a scene of Logan Lerman’s Percy Jackson and Douglas Smith’s Tyson turning and running up Granville Street this morning. After each take, Logan Lerman and Douglas Smith sauntered back [...]

PERCY JACKSON: SEA OF MONSTERS in Torrential Rain at Camp Half-Blood in Robert Burnaby Park

Tuesday in Vancouver started out sunny but by the time I reached the Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters set in Robert Burnaby Park, a huge black cloud had covered the suburb of Burnaby and unleashed a torrential downpour. And I mean torrential — as in rain-bouncing-a-foot-high-off-the-pavement-of-Edmonds-Street torrential. That didn’t deter a dozen fans sheltering under [...]

PERCY JACKSON: SEA OF MONSTERS Camp Half-Blood Cabins in Robert Burnaby Park

West of the amazing Greek ampitheatre set (built on tennis courts) are some charming Camp Half-Blood cabins and ancient Greek signposts in the woods of Robert Burnaby Park. Once filming of Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters moves to these sets it won’t be possible to see much, so I did a quick photo walk while I still could. [...]

Run Percy Jackson Run in Downtown Vancouver for PERCY JACKSON: SEA OF MONSTERS

The main cast for the Percy Jackson sequel Sea of Monsters had a lot of fun working yesterday. Logan Lerman’s Percy Jackson, Douglas Smith’s Tyson and Alexandra Daddario’s Annabeth jumped on the spot to warm up for a morning scene of the trio running from 500 Beatty Street in downtown Vancouver dressed as the Delaware School of [...]

Nathan Fillion’s god Hermes on PERCY JACKSON: SEA OF MONSTERS is UPS Courier in Shorts

Whoever thought of making Nathan Fillion’s god Hermes a UPS courier in shorts is brilliant. What a great twist on the idea of Hermes, the messenger of the Gods, giving Percy Jackson what he needs to head into the Sea of Monsters to find the mythical golden fleece to save Camp Half-Blood from attack by monsters, the [...]