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SERIES FINALE: The Queen is Back. Regina (Lana Parrilla) in Once Upon a Time’s Storybrooke.

The Queen is back. Regina (Lana Parrilla) in Steveston as Storybrooke. She and screen sister Zelena (Rebecca Mader) posed with the Mayor of Richmond in honour of Once Upon a Time Day, March 29th. The City of @Richmond_BC is paying tribute to the producers, cast and crew of the TV series Once Upon A Time, [...]

FINALE: ONCE UPON A TIME’s Wicked Witch (Rebecca Mader) & Baby Robin in Steveston as Storybrooke

The Wicked Witch and Baby Robin. Zelena (Rebecca Mader) strolled through Steveston as Storybrooke tonight. Ready to roll. Back to serious. [...]

ONCE UPON A TIME Vancouver Fan Convention This Weekend With CaptainSwan, Evil Queen & Granny’s Diner, Mr. Gold’s Set Tours

CaptainSwan. The Evil Queen. And set visits to Granny’s Diner and Mr. Gold’s. That’s what the sold-out US$1000 Gold package gets you at this weekend’s Once Upon a Time fan convention in Vancouver. CaptainSwan — Jennifer Morrison and Colin O’Donoghue — headline Saturday with panels, a CaptainSwan sandwich photo opp (US$155), meet and greets and [...]

SHOOT: ONCE UPON A TIME’s Zelena (Rebecca Mader) in Steveston as Storybrooke

Once Upon a Time ended its day in Steveston as Storybrooke yesterday with a sequence of Zelena the Wicked Witch (Rebecca Mader) in her signature green turning and striding past the Storybrooke Public Library as the setting sun created a cotton candy sky above. On Monday, Once Upon a Time was spotted filming at the [...]

SHOOT: ONCE UPON A TIME Season 5’s Last Day in Steveston With Jennifer Morrison, Lana Parrilla, Colin O’Donoghue, Josh Dallas, Ginnifer Goodwin, Rebecca Mader, Jared Gilmore

Captain Swan. Avert your eyes Mom. PDA coming. And how. “I love you.” – Emma #OnceUponATime pic.twitter.com/ozm0ibxcna — Once Upon A Time (@OnceABC) May 16, 2016 Two crowded cars in Steveston as Storybrooke today. Emma (Jennifer Morrison), Regina (Lana Parrilla), Henry (Jared Gilmore) and Violet in Emma’s yellow VW bug. And Charming (Josh Dallas), Hook (Colin [...]

SHOOT: ONCE UPON A TIME Rehearsal Hijinks With Ginnifer Goodwin, Josh Dallas, Colin O’Donoghue & Rebecca Mader in Steveston

A Once Upon a Time rehearsal devolved into hijinks for cast Ginnifer Goodwin, Josh Dallas, Colin O’Donoghue and Rebecca Mader to the delight of the crowd of fans in Steveston (numbers swelled by Spring Break for British Columbia students and a bit of sun). Earlier, O’Donoghue (Hook), Jason Burkart (Little John) and Beverley Elliott (Granny) came [...]

SHOOT: ONCE UPON A TIME’s Season 5 Penultimate Episode With Hook, Zelena, Merida, Friar Tuck, Little John & Roland

Colin O’Donoghue (Hook) chats with Michael P. Northy (Friar Tuck) and Jason Burkhart (Little John). Once Upon a Time is setting up to put a large group of medieval folks in the middle of Steveston’s Moncton Street for season 5’s penultimate episode. Two of Robin Hood’s Merry Men — Friar Tuck and Little John. Amy [...]

SHOOT: ONCE UPON A TIME’s Emma, Regina, Robin Hood, Charming & Merida in Fort Langley as Storybrooke

Updated: Night shoot:: On The Last Rites, our heroes team up to fight Hades and Zelena in Storybrooke. Big night out!! pic.twitter.com/0RJ7BovEbL — Stephen Jackson (@stevester17) March 4, 2016 Day Shoot: Once Upon a Time is in Fort Langley for its annual seasonal visit, filming at the Fort Langley Community Hall turned into Storybrooke Town [...]

EVENT: ONCE UPON A TIME Celebrates Its 100th Episode with Hollywood Red Carpet Party in Steveston

We love you Lana!  Crowds, cameras, stars and a red carpet. Steveston goes Hollywood for gala Once Upon a Time 100th Episode event. Hundreds of people gathered  in Steveston for Once Upon a Time’s cast and crew party in the Gulf of Georgia Cannery last night. Stars Jennifer Morrison (Emma Swan), Lana Parrilla (Regina/Evil Queen), Colin [...]

SHOOT: ONCE UPON A TIME Shipper Alert – Hades (Greg Germann) & Zelena (Rebecca Mader) in the Underworld aka Steveston

Updated: #HellWitch? Shippers: is there a potential new couple on Once Upon a Time? Apparently, Hades (Greg Germann) made the Underworld into Storybrooke as a gift for Zelena (Rebecca Mader). Or so he told her by the fallen clock tower tonight in front of a crowd in Steveston. I’m totally shipping Zelena and Hades coined [...]

SHOOT: ONCE UPON A TIME’s Hades (Greg Germann) Has a List in Underbrooke aka Steveston

Hades has a list. Once Upon a Time filmed Hades (Greg Germann) striding past the fallen clock tower in the Underworld as a red Camaro drives by. Who’s on the list? We don’t know because it’s  green screen,which is a good thing. I accidentally shared two big spoilers in season 5a when my photo of [...]