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BIG MOVIE: Sam Raimi’s Bermuda Triangle with Ryan Reynolds Back in Development

Bermuda Triangle. Sam Raimi’s next movie The Bermuda Triangle — starring Ryan Reynolds — is back in development according to Production Weekly. Related: Sam Raimi’s Bermuda Triangle Expected to Film in Vancouver & Hawaii this Spring. The feature is expected

SPINOFF: DEADPOOL Spinoff X-FORCE With Ryan Reynolds & Josh Brolin To Start Filming This October?

Update: The X-Force in Deadpool 2 turned out to be a gigantic troll with most killed off in their first mission. The slate is wiped clean for Drew Goddard’s X-Force which will focus on Deadpool, Cable and Domino only. Update:

RESHOOTS: DEADPOOL 2 With Ryan Reynolds Additional Photography in Vancouver From February 20th to 27th

Deadpool’s coming back. Deadpool will be back in Vancouver next Tuesday, February 20th, for a week of additional photography. Working Title: Caribbean Blue. Cast: Ryan Reynolds. Josh Brolin. Zazie Beetz. Jack Kesy. Stefan Keapicic. Brianna Hildebrand. Morena Baccarin. TJ Miller.

BIG MOVIE: Deadpool, Meet Cable in DEADPOOL 2 Trailer with Ryan Reynolds & Josh Brolin

DEADPOOL, MEET CABLE Josh Brolin as Cable in downtown Vancouver last summer. Screenshots. DMC Mutant Transfer Train. Related: Cable (Josh Brolin & Stunt Double) Jumps on top of DMC Mutant Transfer Train. Stunt double. More fun downtown at Thurlow &

IN THEATRES: DEADPOOL 2 With Ryan Reynolds as the Wisecracking Merc Hits Theatres May 18th. 2 Weeks Earlier.

Deadpool fans can see the sequel two weeks earlier, as 20th Century Fox pushes up the release date to May 18th from June 1st this year. This gets it in theatres a week before Disney’s Solo: A Star Wars Story.

SET VISIT: Canada’s Minster of National Defence Harjit Sajjan Visits Ryan Reynolds on DEADPOOL 2 Set at Riverview Lands

Harjit Sajjan Twitter. Canada’s Minister of National Defence Harjit Sajjan visited Ryan Reynolds on the Deadpool 2 set at Coquitlam’s Riverview Lands yesterday. And used the occasion to thank Deadpool 2 for its role in Vancouver’s ranking as one of

RESTART: DEADPOOL 2’s Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) and Domino (Zazie Beetz) on Set in Vancouver

Ryan Reynolds and Zazie Beetz chat this afternoon before a Deadpool and Domino scene. Deadpool 2 resumed filming today after a two-day shutdown to honour American stunt rider Joi “SJ” Harris, who was killed performing a Domino motorcycle stunt on

BIG MOVIE: DEADPOOL 2 (Ryan Reynolds & Stunt Double) on Red Scooter in Downtown Vancouver

Updated: Deadpool on a red scooter. With crossed legs. Motormouthing to the camera. That was the Deadpool 2 sequence in downtown Vancouver today. First with a stunt double. And then with Ryan Reynolds himself. At the end, Reynolds took off

STUNT: Barefoot Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds and Stunt Double) Runs Through Traffic in Rain for DEADPOOL 2

Barefoot Wade Wilson runs through traffic in the rain. Deadpool 2 filmed overnight last night on a closed block of downtown Vancouver in front of hundreds of fans. Not much could be seen at first except crew, cars, rain towers

CANADA 150: Easter Egg For Marvel’s Canadian Superheroes Alpha Flight on DEADPOOL 2 Taxi in Vancouver

Thankyou Ryan Reynolds for the shoutout to Marvel’s Canadian superheroes Alpha Flight in upcoming Deadpool 2. Alpha Flight: Scientist James Hudson from London, Ontario who wears Maple Leaf on his Guardian suit. Scientist Walter Langowski from B.C. aka Sasquatch. Mutant

DAY 2: DEADPOOL 2 With Ryan Reynolds on a Downtown Vancouver Rooftop and with Dopinder the Taxi Driver

Deadpool on a downtown Vancouver rooftop with a red neon sign which spells out Deadpool in Chinese characters. That sounds about right. On Day 2 of the Deadpool sequel, production shot its motormouth anti-hero on top of a downtown Vancouver