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WEEK: February 18-24, 2013

  Sunday, February 24th – New promo for Once Upon a Time airs during Oscars broadcast. A Series as Epic as the Movies Every Single Week. Sunday, February 24th – Red Widow black-and-white promo airs during Oscars broadcast. Friday, February 22nd – Vancouver crime drama Motive with Kristin Lehman & Louis Ferreira wraps filming its first [...]

WEEK: January 28 – February 3, 2013

Sunday, February 3rd –  The Murder is Just the Beginning. An unprecedented ad campaign for Vancouver crime drama Motive, starring Kristin Lehman and Louis Ferreira, ahead of its debut on CTV after the Superbowl. My post for Vancouver is Awesome. Friday,  February 1st- Supernatural films for a second afternoon and evening in Queensborough on Duncan Street at a riverfront [...]

EUREKA’s Colin Ferguson & Niall Matter Reunite on Tonight’s PRIMEVAL: NEW WORLD

Five weeks after the mid-season finale, Primeval: New World returns tonight on a new night with a fresh episode called Breakthrough, featuring a very special guest star — the very funny Colin Ferguson. It was great to know Ferguson had returned to Vancouver to film this episode last summer, even if nobody spotted the former [...]

BIG READ: PRIMEVAL: NEW WORLD Dinosaurs Terrorize Vancouver Neighbourhoods

Published October 25, 2012 on Vancouver is Awesome Dinosaurs are running amok in Vancouver. And they’re hungry. New TV series Primeval: New World debuts this Monday, October 29th, on the SPACE channel. A North American spinoff of the popular British series Primeval, co-showrunner Martin Wood describes the Vancouver version as a cop drama, but with dinosaurs [...]

Vancouver’s own PRIMEVAL: NEW WORLD Debuts October 29th on SPACE Channel

Dinosaurs are running amok in Vancouver. And they’re hungry. New series Primeval: New World debuts Monday, October 29th, on the SPACE channel. Five months ago, InnerSPACE hosts Teddy Wilson, Ajay Fry and Cynthia Loyst introduced this North American spinoff of the popular Brit series Primeval to an enthusiastic genre audience at Vancouver Fan Expo. Back then, co-showrunner Martin Wood [...]

#Eureka’s Last Ever Episode – Updated

In the last ever episode of Eureka tonight, the Department of Defense’s closure of this charming, eccentric town — inhabited by brilliant scientists working on top-secret projects for the American government — is delayed by random wormhole materializations or in other words, “Just Another Day” in Eureka. I saw one of these materializations being filmed in Chilliwack last August, with [...]

PRIMEVAL: NEW WORLD Season Finale Turns Gastown Into London for PRIMEVAL’s Andrew-Lee Potts – Updated

Sometimes our city doesn’t play itself in upcoming Vancouver-as-Vancouver series Primeval: New World. Tonight a section of Gastown doubled as a London square and street with a prop red double-decker bus, prop black London cabs, prop red post box and a real British star. Andrew-Lee Potts, aka Conner Temple from the original British series Primeval, is back to [...]

PRIMEVAL’s Andrew-Lee Potts Has a Laugh Filming This Fall’s PRIMEVAL: NEW WORLD

Upcoming sci-fi series Primeval: New World has a little more than three weeks of filming left before wrapping its first season here, so it seems like a good time to revisit the Coal Harbour location shoots that will feature in its series premiere. Andrew-Lee Potts, aka Conner Temple from the original British series Primeval, flew in this past March to guest star on [...]

Filming of Tonight’s Sheriff Carter Stunts for #Eureka – Updated

On tonight’s Eureka, Allison Blake’s snobby brother Marcus comes to town to meet his new Sheriff brother-in-law, Jack Carter. Fun fact: Marcus, who is prejudiced against “dumb people”, is played by Salli Richardson-Whitfield’s real-life husband Dondre Whitfield.  Marcus meets Colin Ferguson’s Sheriff Carter and Trevor Jackson’s Kevin chasing and trying to catch what will turn out to be a crazy [...]

PRIMEVAL: NEW WORLD’s “Leggy” Terrorizes UBC Thunderbird Arena This Week – Updated

In the upcoming Vancouver-as-Vancouver series Primeval: New World, primeval creatures enter our city through temporal anomolies, aka time portals, and create havoc. This week a winged creature is terrorizing the University of British Columbia in and around the Doug Mitchell Thunderbird Sports Arena (venue for Vancouver 2010 Olympics hockey and Paralympics sledge hockey). Crew setting [...]

CTV Orders New Vancouver-Set Procedural MOTIVE to Series

The yet-to-be-cast 13-episode CTV series Motive, about a “feisty female Vancouver detective” solving murders, is the latest TV drama series to let Vancouver play itself. We’ve gone from zero to four in a very short time–  possibly five if Endgame is resurrected. Why now? Some credit the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games for making our city [...]