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MARRIED: THE 100’s Eliza Taylor & Bob Morley Got Married. Bellarke is Real.

The 100 Another made-in-Vancouver love story? The 100’s Eliza Taylor and Bob Morley got married. We didn’t even know they were dating. Recently I married my best friend and soul mate @WildpipM We are very happy and ask that you keep your comments kind and respect our privacy at this time ❤️ pic.twitter.com/MDItwk0SLM — Eliza [...]

WRAP: THE 100 With Eliza Taylor and Bob Morley Wraps Filming Season 6 in Vancouver Tonight

The 100 Season 6. New Season. New World. The 100 cast & crew wraps filming of season 6 overnight tonight in Vancouver. LAST DAY of production on Season 6. Call time 7 PM. Nothing like an all-nighter to mark the end of another amazing year with this production family. #The100 #MayWeMeetAgain — Jason Rothenberg (@JRothenbergTV) [...]

PREMIERE: New Season. New World. THE 100 Season 6 Debuts Tuesday, April 30th

The 100 Season 6. New Season. New World. The 100 season 6 premieres Tuesday, April 30th on The CW. Production has been in super secret lockdown about the new planet. It’s filmed in British Columbia so parts of it will be beautiful but what else…..? Filming in Vancouver from: August 27th to February 13th, 2019. [...]

SEASON 6: THE100’s Clarke (Eliza Taylor) on the New World at BC’s Lillooet Lake

The 100 season 6. Eliza Taylor as Clarke, Tasya Teles as Echo. New season. New world. Where are the twin suns? The 100 is filming in its new world on location at Lillooet Lake with Clarke (Eliza Taylor) and Echo (Tasya Teles) on set. Back in BC for day 1 of shooting on the most [...]

EVENT: THE 100 at Vancouver Whitecaps Legends & Stars Match for BC Children’s Hospital

The 100 Team 100 played on the winning side at the 2nd annual  Vancouver Whitecaps Legends & Stars match for B.C. Children’s Hospital on Saturday, September 15th. 3 – Richard Harmon 16 – Jessica Harmon 23 – Jarod Joseph 24 – Marie Avgeropoulos 44 – Tasya Teles Tasya Teles assisted the Sedins on goals by [...]

START: New Season. New Planet. THE 100 Starts Filming Season 6 This Week in Vancouver

The 100 season 6. New season. New planet. The 100 starts filming season 6 in Vancouver this week. Shooting 601, prepping 602, tweaking 603 and 604, noting 605, writing 606, breaking 607… and post starts tomorrow… God, I love this job! #The100 — Jason Rothenberg (@JRothenbergTV) August 27, 2018 Dayyyum it is good to be [...]

START: THE 100 Season 6 With Eliza Taylor, Bob Morley, Marie Avergopoulos Starts Filming August 15th in Vancouver

The 100 season 6. Filming from: August 15th to January 31st, 2019. Cast: Eliza Taylor, Bob Morley, Lindsey Morgan, Marie Avgeropoulos, Richard Harmon, Tasya Teles, Henry Ian Cusick, Paige Turco. Blodreina Season 5 finale airs Tuesday, August 7th on The CW. Waking up after 125 years of cryogenic sleep Bellamy and Clarke look at their [...]


Leo Awards Best Stunt Coordination Nominees Prison Break – WINNER Lauro Chartrand Season 5 Premiere — Ogygia Lauro Chartrand wins Best Stunt Coordination in a Dramatic Series – Prison Break: Ogygia #LeoAwards18 — Leo Awards (@leoawards) June 4, 2018 Arrow Curtis Braconnier, Eli Zagoudakis Season 6 Premiere — Fallout Big fight on Georgia Viaduct. Supernatural [...]

RENEWED: THE 100 With Eliza Taylor, Bob Morley & Marie Avgeropoulos Renewed for Season 6 in Vancouver

More Clarke. More Bellamy. More Octavia. The CW renewed The 100 for season 6 today after only 2 episodes of the current season had aired. Damn… we shouldn’t have killed everybody at the end of Season 5… what the hell do we do now? #The100 #ThisBadJokeBroughtToYouByElTesoro75 — Jason Rothenberg (@JRothenbergTV) May 8, 2018 The post-apocalyptic [...]

CELEBRITY FOOTY: ONCE UPON A TIME Stars Score Goals in Vancouver Whitecaps Legends & Stars Match

Vancouver Whitecaps Legends & Stars Alumni Match in support of BC Children’s Hospital. White (Team Hook) versus Blue (Team Rumple). Team Hook vanquished Team Rumple 4-2 with Once Upon a Time’s Colin O’Donoghue (Captain Hook) and Sean Maguire (Robin Hood) both scoring goals and Maguire assisting on Tyler Johnston’s goal. Colin O’Donoghue scored the first [...]

CELEBRITY FOOTY: Team Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) Prepares for Next Saturday’s Celebrity Vancouver Whitecaps Match

Chris Gauthier, Andrew J. West, Michael Coleman, The 100’s Henry Ian Cusick, Carl Valentine, Colin O’Donoghue/Whitecaps image. Is Once Upon a Time fielding a whole side? Seven Once Upon a Time actors will play with Vancouver Whitecaps legends in BC Place next Saturday, September 16th. Here are four of them prepping for the game, along [...]