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SUPERNATURAL’s Cartoon Suicide on Lumbermen’s Building Roof for Ep. 8×08

Supernatural filmed one of its cartoon deaths from this week’s Hunter Heroici on top of the Lumbermen’s Building in downtown Vancouver two months ago. The guest actor below committed cartoon suicide by stepping off the ledge but not falling right away.

SHOOT: SUPERNATURAL’s 1950s Time Travellers in Gastown for 8×12 – Updated

Tonight a light high on a hoist above Cambie Street in Gastown lit up the alley that runs diagonally to West Cordova where two 1950s era vehicles were parked. Add smoke machines and a strobe light to simulate lightning and

SHOOT: BATES MOTEL Films in Steveston with Lost’s Nestor Carbonell & Pan Am’s Mike Vogel for 1×04 – Updated

Updated April 8, 2013 – In 1×04 Trust Me, the Sheriff & Deputy Sheriff are called to the docks where a fisherman has found murdered Keith Summers’s hand in his net. A&E’s contemporary Psycho prequel series Bates Motel  focuses on a younger

BATES MOTEL Set in Aldergrove is Spitting Image of Alfred Hitchcock’s Set in Psycho – Updated

Update: Bates Motel set. September 2016. Production built the roof for the second season. The Bates Motel set out in Aldergrove on 272nd Street near the U.S. border is the spitting image of the motel set in Alfred Hitchcock’s horror classic Psycho,

BATES MOTEL’s Sinister Sheriff Nestor Carbonell Filming on Steveston Fishing Boat – Corrected

Bates Motel usually films on its permanent set in Aldergrove, the one that looks exactly like the creepy motel of Alfred Hitchcock’s horror classic Psycho, so it was good to find them closer today filming on the Steveston docks. Lost

EMILY OWENS M.D. Filming at University of British Columbia’s Life Sciences Centre – Updated

Tonight on hospital dramedy Emily Owens M.D., Emily (Mamie Gummer) vies with her high-school nemesis Cassandra (Naomi King’) to be Dr. Bandari’s research assistant and to stop Cassandra from getting more time with Emily’s crush Will (Justin Hartley) in episode four.

SHOOT: Mamie Gummer & Justin Hartley Film EMILY OWENS M.D. at the University of British Columbia

Mamie Gummer’s Emily Owens, her crush, Justin Hartley’s Will Collins and her nemesis Naomi King’s Cassandra Kopelson filmed scenes for the tenth episode outside UBC’s Life Sciences Centre this afternoon. They chatted in a lineup at the coffee cart as

PHOTO RECAP: Vancouver as Vancouver in ONCE UPON A TIME 2×06

A few thoughts on Tallahassee, my favourite Once Upon a Time episode of season two so far. I predicted a long con of Jennifer Morrison’s young Emma Swan by Michael Raymond-James’s fellow thief Neal Cassady but did not anticipate he would do it out

ARROW Filming More Foot Chase & Motorcycle Scenes in Downtown Vancouver with Stephen Amell for Ep. 1×07 – Updated

Arrow is partway through a day of flming motorcycle stunts and star Stephen Amell chasing after a motorcycle down a downtown Vancouver alley off Dunsmuir Street. Amell’s Oliver Queen throws a prop piece of rebar at the motorcycle which hits

SHOOT: Happy Halloween PSYCH-Os. James Roday & Dule Hill Film in the North Vancouver Rain

Here’s the Blueberry and James Roday’s Shawn Spencer and Dule Hill’s Burton “Gus” Guster filming inside it in North Vancouver rain this Halloween day. Psych wraps filming of its seventh season tomorrow. So I was lucky to see the Blueberry scenes and then Shawn and

SHOOT: Who is Mysterious Man from ONCE UPON A TIME S2 Premiere? Michael Raymond-James Returns in 2×06

Who is the Mysterious Man from the Once Upon a Time season two premiere? He was last seen walking from Central Park in NYC to the subway and then to his hole-in-the-wall apartment where a dove dropped off a postcard