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START: CONTINUUM’s Fourth & Final Season With Rachel Nichols, Erik Knudsen & Victor Webster Starts Filming in Vancouver

Jaiden Everett/Tumblr. Vancouver’s own timey-wimey saga Continuum started filming its fourth and final season today somewhere in Point Grey. Remember where we left off? Season three opened with two young-tech-genius Alec Sadlers and two cop-from-the-future Kiera Camerons in a new timeline as Alec travelled back in time to save his girlfriend Emily from death. The [...]

VIFF INDUSTRY: CONTINUUM’s ContinuDuumb & Duumber Gag Reel Starring Victor Webster

VIFF Industry Conference: Genre Smash! sponsored by ACFC West, Local 2020 Unifor from VIFF on Vimeo. Fast forward to 5:50 for Continuduumb & Duumber. If Continuum hadn’t been renewed for its fourth and final season, I’d have lobbied for a comedy spinoff based on the hilarious and lewd gag reel — Continuduumb & Duumber — [...]

RENEWED: Simon Barry’s CONTINUUM Starring Rachel Nichols Gets Final Six-Episode Season on Showcase

Vancouver’s homegrown sci-fi series Continuum will film a fourth and final season of six episodes here next Spring, which will air later in 2015 on Showcase in Canada and Syfy in the U.S. Continuum launched in the Spring of 2012 as a part sci-fi, part police procedural series about a future police officer Kiera Cameron, [...]

BIG READ: CONTINUUM Creator & Cast Tease Final Episodes of Season 3

Published May 25, 2014 on Vancouver is Awesome. The present unfolds. The future unravels. The rest is history. Did you know that Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan is a fan of Continuum? Showrunner Simon Barry didn’t until he met Gilligan a year ago at the Saturn Awards in Burbank. Did you know that American Rachel [...]

WEEK: May 19-25, 2014

Sunday, May 25th – Continuum 3×09 Minute of Silence airs on Showcase. Kiera (Rachel Nichols), without much help from Carlos (Victor Webster), pursues a group of brilliant students who use cutting-edge technology to commit crimes; at the same time, she’s pursued by amnesiac John Doe (Ryan Robbins) who wants her help piecing together his mysterious past. Elsewhere, Kellog [...]

WEEK: April 21-27, 2014

Sunday, April 27th – Once Upon a Time 3×19 A Curious Thing airs on ABC and CTV. Zelena/Wicked Witch (Rebecca Mader) threatens Henry (Jared Gilmore)’s life if Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) doesn’t kiss Emma (Jennifer Morrison) which would drain her magical powers. The Charmings (Josh Dallas & Ginnifer Goodwin) search for the fairy tale book to retrieve [...]

WEEK: April 7-13, 2014

Sunday, April 13th – Once Upon a Time 3×17 The Jolly Roger airs on ABC and CTV.  Ariel (JoAnna Garcia Swisher)  begs Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) to help her find Prince Eric; Regina (Lana Parrilla) teaches Emma (Jennifer Morrison) how to use magic. The Charmings (Josh Dallas & Ginnifer Goodwin) try to show Henry (Jared Gilmore) that they’re fun. [...]

WEEK: March 24-30, 2014

Sunday, March 30th – Continuum 3×03 Minute to Win It airs on Showcase. Kiera (Rachel Nichols) and Carlos (Victor Webster) foil Liber8’s mind-controlled bank robbers. Marine Building becomes the exterior of the Bregenzer Bank. Two Alecs love Emily although the one who is the new head of Piron Corp. doesn’t know if he can trust her. Sunday, March 30th [...]

WEEK: March 17-23, 2014

Sunday, March 23rd – Continuum 3×02 Minute Man airs on Showcase. Kiera (Rachel Nichols) looks into the two Alecs (Erik Knudsen) in one timeline; the mayor (Tahmoh Penikett) is kidnapped; and Carlos (Victor Webster) struggles with one Kiera’s death. Sunday, March 23rd – Once Upon a Time 3×14 The Tower airs on ABC and CTV. While [...]

BIG READ: CONTINUUM Creator & Cast Tease Tonight’s Season 3 Premiere on Showcase

Published March 16, 2014 on Vancouver is Awesome. Who is the central character of the Continuum saga? When we last left Vancouver-cop-from-the-future Kiera Cameron (Rachel Nichols) in present-day, she had been betrayed by young tech genius Alec Sadler (Erik Knudsen) who’d taken the time travel device that she’d hoped would return her to her family in 2077. [...]

WEEK: March 10-16, 2014

Sunday, March 16th – Continuum season 3 premiere Minute by Minute airs on Showcase. Kiera Cameron (Rachel Nichols) jeopardizes everything to stop young Alec Sadler (Erik Knudsen) from altering history in his mission to save Emily (Magda Apanowicz) from death. Sunday, March 16th – Once Upon a Time 3×13 Witch Hunt airs on ABC and CTV. Emma (Jennifer [...]