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VIFF: JUST EAT IT: A FOOD WASTE STORY Wins VIFF Impact & Audience Must-See-BC Awards

After seeing BC documentary Just Eat It: A Food Waste Story at VIFF’s BC Spotlight gala, I deliberately purchased misshapen vegetables at a local grocery store which somehow made their way past the appearance police. It’s not much in the face of the alarming amount of food we waste as a society, throwing away nearly half [...]

VIFF: We Are The City’s VIOLENT Wins Best Canadian Film & Best BC Film at the Vancouver International Film Festival

“I wish I hadn’t worn jeans,” composer and keyboardist Cayne McKenzie confessed as Vancouver progressive rock band We Are The City’s Violent won both Best Canadian Film and Best BC Film awards at the Vancouver International Film Festival’s BC Spotlight gala last night. The title Violent is not about violence, director and band drummer Andrew Huculiak told [...]

BIG READ: Vote for BC Film/Doc (#mustseeBC) To Be Awarded Gala Screening at #VIFF

Published September 8, 2014 on Vancouver is Awesome. 13 BC FILMS: Six Dramas. Three Comedies. Four Documentaries. Bloody Thrillers. Mother-daughter Con-women. Romance in Hope. Father-daughter Kurds from Iraq in Canada. Young Woman in Crisis in Norway. Fake Pregnancy. Transgender Two-for-one Pregnancies. Revenge Songs Left on Voice Mail. Ill Boy Tormented in Tanzania. Changing Chinatown. Discarded Food Experiment. Harm [...]

VIFF: Last Screening of VIFF Most Popular Canadian Film DOWN RIVER

Set in the West End and shot in the West End, Down River is that rare movie filmed “in Vancouver for Vancouver”. Local film students comprised half the crew that was blessed with sun during  a June and July shoot. Vancouver actress Babz Chula, who died of cancer in 2010, is the inspiration for longtime [...]

VIFF: Last Screening of Best BC Film Runnerup CINEMANOVELS Today

The Vancouver International Film Festival runnerup for Best B.C. Film has its last VIFF screening today at 1:15 p.m. at the SFU Woodwards Theatre. Inspired by Krzysztof Kieslowski’s Three Colors Trilogy, Vancouver filmmaker Terry Miles follows a central female character Grace (Lauren Lee Smith) in Cinemanovels as she reluctantly gets to know her estranged and famous [...]

WEEK: September 30 – October 6, 2013.

Sunday, October 6th – Once Upon a Time 3×02 Lost Girl airs on ABC and CTV. Peter Pan (Robbie Kay) offers Emma (Jennifer Morrison) a map that will help her find Henry (Jared Gilmore), but she must come to terms with who she is in order to use it. Your Shoot of Peter Pan’s Lost Boys camp [...]

VIFF: Western Premiere of THE DICK KNOST SHOW With Tom Scholte & Gabrielle Rose

Broadcasting is a Contact Sport. The funniest thing about sports talk-show host Dick Knost in Bruce Sweeney’s funny film? It’s hard to choose but Knost’s obsession with increasing his Twitter followers rang true. Knost’s controversial tweets about hockey concussions, done to gain followers, draw the ire of his network bosses. And then Knost is concussed [...]

VIFF: World Premiere of 3 DAYS IN HAVANA Co-Directed by Gil Bellows & Tony Pantages

Vancouver friends Gil Bellows and Tony Pantages have been talking about making a movie together for decades. So what better place to debut their first feature film 3 Days in Havana than the Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF) last Saturday night? A real-life Havana fortune teller plays the Death card for Jack Petty (Gil Bellows), [...]

VIFF: Feel-Bad Comedy LAWRENCE & HOLLOMAN With Ben Cotton & Daniel Arnold

The feel-bad comedy of the year. Coming off Edmonton International Film Festival wins for Best Canadian Feature, Rising Star Award: Filmmmaking (Matthew Kowalchuk) and Rising Star Award: Acting (Ben Cotton), feel-bad comedy Lawrence & Hollowman debuted at the Vancouver International Film Festival last night to waves of laughter and some cringing at Lawrence’s escalating injuries. [...]

VIFF: World Premiere of Taylor Hill’s LEAP 4 YOUR LIFE with April Telek

Mockumentary Leap 4 Your Life is a family affair. Twenty-something Taylor Hill wrote it during the final semester of her degree, produced it, cast it and designed costumes for it with her mother and co-stars in it as dweeby tries-too-hard contestant Molly, wearing braces supplied by her dentist father. “It was either get a car and [...]

VIFF FORUM: The Last Cook with BREAKING BAD Creator Vince Gilligan in 2013

“Everyone has the potential to break bad. Most of us do not break bad.” – Vince Gilligan. Breaking Bad is a show about transition — about a good man going bad. A cancer-stricken chemistry teacher Walter White (Bryan Cranston) starts cooking crystal meth with his failed student Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) so that he has [...]